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Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad August 20th 2017

It's ambitious to not long have changed country and then attempt to take 3 buses (4 if you count the marshrutka we took to the bus station) to get to somewhere in the country, but with a few words of Kyrgyz and Russian (Emma) and the village we were heading to being a common part of the traveller trail we figured we'd make it. There is a direct bus but it doesn't leave until mid-afternoon, arriving early evening so we'd effectively lose the day. Besides where was the fun in that?! We got lucky and didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes for any bus. Each one had to stop for fuel but it was a quick affair as the engine is left running so it is simply a case of sticking the hose in ... read more
Our first bus driver of the day
Happy chappy

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad August 20th 2017

When we weren't eating dinner and talking to the 3 other guests, we spent the evening in Arslanbob doing some planning, as we hadn't got anything more than a very rough idea of how we are going to get to Bishkek from Arslanbob and we couldn't put off any longer getting a plan. The guidebook says "beware although maps show a road across Kyrgyzstan...the central cross-mountain an unpaved, seasonal affair. It can become impassable after mudslides and closes altogether from October to late June." "With barely 2 vehicles an hour passing through even in summer." We looked it up on the map and noticed it went over a 3000+m pass. We asked the CBT coordinator in Arslanbob. Bad road he said "very rough". That sealed it and it became our Plan A - to get ... read more

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad September 17th 2014

Нет Человек, Нет ПроблемNo Person, No ProblemИюсеф Джугашвили (Сталин)Jusef Jugashvili (Stalin) We followed Latchin's youngest daughter down the rocky road through Arslanbob village. It was late afternoon and the sun was casting a California light on the trees and the airy Uzbek homes. A call to prayer sang out from a small mosque and completed the sensory aesthetic. Fall had come to the Ferghana range and the village was quiet and half empty. At 17 years old, the girl was growing into her father's lean, quick stature. She moved along effortlessly on the loose cobbles of the towns roads, leading us to the home of her uncle, where a hot banya awaited. We strolled along quietly, partially silenced by the perfect beauty of the evening, and partially by the lack of a common language. Many gi ... read more
Ala-Kol before the snow
On 18 August about 30cm snow fell at Ala-Kol
Sunny morning at Ala-Kol

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad August 25th 2014

Breakfast today was a bit special in that we enjoyed fresh trout that John managed to finally catch in the early hrs of the morning whilst I was still asleep. We departed our GH in the Chychkan Gorge, and proceed down thru the valley in the direction of Toktogul Reservoir on the M41. Again we experienced the sweeping mountain ranges, with the sheer red sandstone rock faces contrasting with the green of the valleys. Small restaurants were scattered along the riverside all selling the local trout, which was clearly very common in this area. Due to dry summer, the reservoir was well below normal levels. Approaching the town of Kara Kol, we became aware of the massive hydroelectric power scheme and the five dams that had been built by the Russians in the 1970's. Hidden from ... read more
Toktogul Reservoir
Toktogul Reservoir
Naryn river in an amazing gorge on the way to Tashkmuir

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad July 26th 2014

Probral jsme se uplně rozlámaný z minibusu a k tomu mě bolí břicho a leze na mě nějaká viroza, jako na všechny. Přijeli jsme do levkýho kempu asi ze sovětský doby je to u jezera pod velkou horou která má 4500 metrů. Je tu sprcha postele a šíleně hnusný záchod, ale když musíš tak musíš..:D Na pokoji jsem s Traianem z Rumunska a se Stefanem z Itálie, kterýmu není moc dobře. Pro problémy s trávením se vžil pojem vodopád (waterfall) který tu začínáme slýchat docela často..:D Odpoledne jsme se vydali k pravému vodopádu asi 5 km od kempu. Podél celé cesty je něco jako trh, kde můžete vidět čerstvé maso pověšené na slunci a mraky dalších věcí jako čerstvé ovoce a med. Všude ale opravdu všude jsou melouny. Na trhu jsem si koupil kovbojský klobouk za ... read more

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Jalal-Abad » Arslanbob May 15th 2012

Leaving Karakol was bitter sweet. We had been there for ten days and we had grown attached to the characters, the mountains, the friendly dogs and the hot springs. But Karakol itself is a hole. How it became so famous as a "pleasant, leafy, fresh air town" is either some relic of a Soviet secret or (more likely) the work of overzealous guidebook authors with a tight schedule and no bicycle to slow down the pace. Either way, it is a pretty rough town with an increasingly bad reputation and we were happy to have minimized our days in the town itself. We said our goodbyes to Sergei and his friendly dogs and even crazy Kolia stopped by to bid us farewell. The north of Kyrgyzstan is decidedly Russian and though we knew that things would ... read more

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