There’s a dead sheep in the yard...

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11th May 2014

Good stuff
I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures - both in-country and in the Peace Corps. Keep writing!
11th May 2014

1st Lesson in Kyrgyz
A live sheep hanging in the tree would have been so much worse. Note *Intestines (cleaned, of course) make perfect sausage casings. l Loved the blog entry. Can't wait for the next installment. You could find a deck of cards and teach young Ernazar to play 'Snap' - so much easier to learn the language from a child - no modifiers, no extra words, just the basics and words like 'underwear' are hilarious to young children so very easy to amuse. C
11th May 2014

Will you be back in DC?
We have left California and relocated to Fairfax VA just outside of DC. We'd love to meet you if you are back this way. It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic Peach Corp experience. I look forward to many more blogs.
12th May 2014

Love it
Fantastic entry Emily! I look forward to reading about all your adventures. Please be safe!! Xoxo
12th May 2014

Keep doing good girl and it will be done unto you:)
30th May 2014

you really got my hopes up when you mentioned karaoke The content of this comment is purely my own. The opinions and views expressed here do not reflect any position of Canada or Canadians. Just the ones who like to belt out Journey songs.

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