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Asia » Kazakhstan » Western Kazakhstan » Atyrau May 21st 2017

I had the funny idea to spend my 50th birthday in N50, E50, which turns out to be in West Kazakhstan. With my small motor home I started in Vienna, Austria, and soon found out that the trans-European road E50 ( runs into that direction. So across northern Slovakia passing by the High Tatra I went to Ukraine, crossed the East Carpathian mountains and headed for Lwiw. When I wanted to cross over to the E40 towards Kiew I got on a secondary road and was for the first time taught how many potholes can fit onto a road. The lesson is to always follow the local people even if they drive slalom spanning both lanes. Kiew did offer some surprises. First it is a big capital with plenty of gold-covered old churches. In the north ... read more

Asia » Kazakhstan » Astana April 30th 2017

Almaty, Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Traditional Restaurant 4 2017 Kazakhstan Mountain 4 2017 1 4-21-2017 Kazakhstan Toi cho den 10:10AM de bay hang Astana air hang may bay cua Kazakhstan de di den Baku thu do cua Azerbaijan, mot nuoc ma nam 2013 toi di Georgia va muon den day ma den khong duoc. Vi phai cho 6 tieng moi den chuyen bay sap toi nen toi muon taxi di den thanh pho Almaty xem thang pho nay mac dau troi hay con toi. Kazakhstan: 1 US Dollar equals 312.12 Kazakhstani Tenge Thu do nuoc nay la Astana. 63% la nguoi Kazath, 23% la nguoi Nga. Dan chung noi tieng Kazakh nhung ngon ngu chanh la Russian duoc dung trong hanh chanh. Rong 2.724km2 bang 8 lan Vietnam. La nuoc landlock co dien tich lon nhat. Co 17 ... read more

Asia » Kazakhstan » Southern Kazakhstan September 22nd 2016

Now that's a strange name for a blog you might say, and I actually agree with you! I have just set out for a 3 week tour of the '5 Stans' and as preliminary reading, I found this great book on Kazakhstan, and this was the title of the first chapter. Now whether their claim is true that apples were first found here, and whether Adam and Eve were in fact Kazakhs, is not really important, but I can assure you that Kazakhstan has myriads of apple orchards and the product tastes great. A couple of us from the tour arrived first in Almaty as the advance party, to get acclimatised and adjust to the local time. Fortunately the flight over from Sydney via Abu Dhabi with Etihad was pretty uneventful, but a strange thing happened ... read more
Besbarmak for anyone?
Zenkov Cathedral
Typical Almaty metro station

Asia » Kazakhstan » East Kazakhstan » Almaty September 5th 2016

5-9-16 Our flight from Guangzhou crossed most of China before changing planes in Urumqi to arrive at Almaty in Kazakhstan at 8.30pm. Officially called the republic of Kazakhstan, it is the world's largest land locked country, with a land area larger than Western Europe. Our hotel the Rixos was more luxurious than we expected and we enjoyed a late supper in the beautiful lounge chatting with one of our fellow travellers. 6-9-16 in the morning we discovered Almaty has a great views of the Tian Shan Mountains, our guide told us Almaty is known as the cultural and commercial hub of Kazakhstan. Literally meaning 'rich with apples' the former capital is known as the 'Garden City' for its large parks and the alpine vistas of the Tian Shan Mountains that surround it. Our first stop was ... read more
Ascension Cathedral
Panfilov park
Sculpture honouring the Russian soldiers

Asia » Kazakhstan » Southern Kazakhstan » Shymkent August 16th 2016

Au passage de la frontière sino-kazakh, une page s'est de nouveau tournée. Finis le désert et les champs d'éoliennes, place aux steppes infinies et aux princes de ces terres chevauchant leurs pur sang. Au carrefour entre l'Europe, la Chine, la Russie et le Moyen Orient, nous découvrons les marques du passé à travers une population qui nous transporte depuis Alexandre le Grand jusqu'à Joseph Staline en passant par Tamerlan et Gengis Kan. Nous retrouvons nos amis Maëlys et Adrien pour un mois, avec un objectif: rejoindre la mer d'Aral en Ouzbekistan, en partant de Almaty au Kazakhstan. Nous avons suivi la route de la soie en traversant les montagnes puis les déserts, puis les déserts, et enfin les déserts! Impressionnant, il y a plus de 2000ans, des caravanes entières traversaient ces contrées, été comme hiver... Après ... read more
Kogershin Family
Aral Sea
Minaret in Bukhara

Asia » Kazakhstan » East Kazakhstan » Almaty August 11th 2016

Here is my last little stop in Kazakhstan. This time I'm arriving from Kyrgystan by the road. The people at my hotel nicely dropped me at the border. I just had to walk the few hundred meters to the border...smiling procedure....walk the bridge across the on the Chu River....and I was back for the third time in few days in Kazakhstan. I'm still 200km from the former capital that is Almaty. Was the third one in a big share taxi...good for me, the front seat is still available...and the ride will cost me only 6usd...not bad for 200km... Almaty is lodged at the feet of beautiful mountains. Sadly for me, the sky went from partly cloudy, to cloudy, even with few minutes of rain, so not a huge shot at those new buildings with snow capped ... read more
On the road from Bishkek to Almaty
Zenkov Cathedral
That was cheap, but great lunch...

Asia » Kazakhstan August 2nd 2016

August 2 - Oh man, it was a long day. I started the long(er than expected) trek to Almaty, Kazakhstan. I woke up at 4:30am because I had to pee, but decided to ignore it and go back to sleep. No luck - I really had to go. I managed to wait until 5am but that only prolonged the torture. I could see dawn was starting, so I brought my camera, as it was another trek to the outhouse (the last one of the trip!). I got a couple of pictures of the morning light and headed back to bed, but there was no sleep to be had. My alarm was set for 6:30am and I knew it was close and I just couldn't sleep anymore. At 6:30 I got up to pack and get ready, ... read more
War memorial

Asia » Kazakhstan » Western Kazakhstan July 29th 2016

Let start my own little Silk Road adventure! I'm on my way to Uzbekistan, the very slow way! I'm back to Kazakhstan after the short one hour flight on Azerbaijan Airways...just the time to cross the Caspian Sea. I'm landing after 10pm at Aktau. The little city has seen investment due mainly to the offshore oil industry in the Caspian Sea. The airport is a good 20km outside of the city, till the taxi ride is less than 6usd with a little negotiation. I'm staying at the brand new Holiday Inn on the main avenue of the city. This would be my last really comfortable stay for a little while. Not much in the hotel, and reception advise me that walking around, even at night, is truly safe. Tomorrow, I have to be at 11am at ... read more
Wild horses in the desert...
Welcome to the Capsian sea...Kazakhstan side!
Beyneu...stop in the middle of nowhere for five hours....

Asia » Kazakhstan » East Kazakhstan July 24th 2016

Early morning rise at the Sky hostel in Almaty, our guides Temirlan and Vladimir were to pick us up to start our journey to the base camp of the trek. They said at 6:00am, they were knocking on our doors at 5:30am! We hurriedly picked our stuff and left some things in the hostel locker that we don't need for the trek, including some food packs since the guys already bought our food supply for the next 6 days in the wild, so we brought as an add on mainly snacks. The day before, the boys met us with maps and written itinerary explaining our planned trek, not set in stone Temirlan says, depends on the weather and situation but we will try to follow the plan as best as we can, Vladimir seems to be ... read more

Asia » Kazakhstan » Astana July 24th 2016

There are two sub-continents I have barely visited on this little planet up to today. I name West Africa and Central Asia. I only went to Ivory Coast and still have few places on the African continent to long as I can stay safe there. But when it comes to the "Stans", safety as a traveler is not an issue in most of them, so here I am back on the road...back-packing between decent beds. Over the coming month, I'll go across five countries finishing by few gorgeous days in Turkey. You will not see any pictures of Turkmenistan. The country is on my list, but getting a visa for the reclusive state is a little too challenging with my current traveling. I have no intention either to visit Afghanistan or Pakistan....sorry, not on my ... read more
Welcome to the diversity of Kazakhstan
Borsh and pelmeni...I'm happy!
Crazy center of this new city...

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