Day 1 Part 2 - Hiroshima to Iwakuni and MCAS

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April 20th 2017
Published: April 21st 2017
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So unlike my trip to Europe, where I flew solo, I am here in Japan with my brother. He is stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. This gives me the luxury of being with someone who is familiar with travel and with the general area. Lucky for me! And it is great to have company.

He was running late to come get me, so I sat in the Hiroshima airport for awhile. I saw my first Japanese toilet. The ones I have only heard about. Bidet and all. I know that seems like such a silly thing to blog about, but it was fascinating to me. As soon as you lift the lid it made a toilet flushing sound (not actually flush). I assume this is to allow you to be discreet as you do your business. That is awesome!

He finally got there and we took the bus to the Hiroshima train station. Uneventful. It was a bus of Japanese businessmen and women. The train was nice and cozy. People really shoving themselves onto the train. With the luggage it was nice and awkward to squeeze in. Back was killing me. As we passed more and more stops it cleared up to the point I could finally sit down. After about 45 minutes we got to Iwakuni.

From there, Chris and I got a late night dinner. We ate at Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. Curry House CoCo is a chain restaurant around Japan. I appreciated the multilingual menu! To call the waitress over you have to press your finger to the little button on your table. I ordered a chicken curry over rice with garlic, level 5 (out of 10) spice. It was delicious! Just the right amount of spice. I would definitely eat there again.

Chris and I then hopped into a taxi (I took a total of 4 modes of transportation!). We went to the Japanese 7-11, which was awesome. The food selection was so interesting! But I was disappointed to not see slurpees lol! I picked up some almond balls and a smoothie drink. Then we hopped the taxi to get to MCAS.

I am currently staying at the hotel on base (MCAS Inn). I am not going to lie, it felt good to see and hear English (I know I know, I am such an American). Standard hotel room. I get my American TV channels, and my a wi-fi router in the room! Laundry is free, which is fantastic! As soon as I unpacked, I went right to bed. From 0300 in Dallas to 0000 in Iwakuni. One international date line, lots of connections, and 4 modes of transportation later, I made it!

Mata aimashou!


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7-11 is in Japan!7-11 is in Japan!
7-11 is in Japan!

Had no idea!

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