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April 21st 2017
Published: April 20th 2017
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If anyone knows me personally, they know I love to just people watch and observe my surroundings. With that being said, I decided to start my Kayko Travel Talley. It will just incorporate something I have observed that has turned into a pattern. Enough for me to start a tally. After day 1, here is my running tally:

1. Times toddler screamed NO on 3 hr flight to LA - 31 (before I stopped counting)

2. Accidental eye contact with a stranger - 9

3. People who have spoken Spanish to me and were disappointed -

4. LA tourists wearing douchey newspaper boy hats or trilbys - 18

5. Girls traveling in heels that can't walk in them - 11

6. Times I've checked for my passport - 1000+

7. Jokes about United flights - TOO. FUCKING. MANY.

8. Dicks of the day - 2 (a long story)

9. Times hit by people walking in the airplane aisle to the bathroom (or food cart) - 25+

10. Times I had to be fingerprinted by customs/immigration before my prints were recognized - 7

11. Minutes late my brother was to get me - 46

12. Awkward pushes and smushes to fit more people on he train - 10 stops worth


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