Dear Japan, where you been all my life? .... 5 days in Tokyo

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June 17th 2014
Published: June 17th 2014
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Tokyo nightTokyo nightTokyo night

early evening in Tokyo
There are so many juxtapositions between the old world and the new world here. Japan is super technological and making great advances into the future and living symbiotically. Tokyo has a huge population but they are all living with peace and nature in a megatropolis. I look around and its like a dragonball Z game. I feel like I'm gonna fly! And they have the worlds greatest electronics.

They are also so very into their old traditions and dress accordingly. They believe in the spirit and getting drunk on sake and singing crazy songs and playing soccer and working hard and laughing. They mix it up so well. Age and beauty are both respected equally and have held honor. Space

The first image I get of how different they think here is in the entrance to the major city park. There are the usual signs of those things that are prohibited (for some reason nobody likes skateboarding). Accompanied to that were notices for all the things that were allowed (lest you be shocked). There WILL be musicians playing instruments! There WILL be people DANCING. There WILL be kids crying and fighting. It's life. They know this.

From my
Old & new perfect mixOld & new perfect mixOld & new perfect mix

Buddha and the tower
western view everything is accepted because for the most part the people don't act big and individualistic. The cowboy individualism that we Americans have is great. But not in a city of 21 million people. And realization that the world is interconnected is part of their philosophy. This belief permeates their society and sense of community.

We stayed out til' the sun came up in the land of the rising sun. Japanese businessmen playing cards and drinking whiskey . Friends passed out on bamboo mats. Traditional rock and bright kimonos.

I went on a date with a Japanese girl who was born in the Philippines and grew up in Tokyo.

I stayed in a capsule hotel where it costs $20 to be treated like a king and its in the city center. It was like going into a spaceship they have everything you need in a plastic ship including weird Japanese porn.

I went to see big buddha near the ocean. The shrines are meticulous and diverse. The weather is perfect. It rained and I saw the imperial palace and met a faithful dog named Hachiko who sits one eared waiting for his master who will
My best friend from collegeMy best friend from collegeMy best friend from college

Hiroyasu and family!!
never return. The crossings are full of wondrous energy. Many people line up behaving themselves and waiting for the buses and trains to come and whisk them away...

I was treated to the best fish meal I have ever experienced. I met my film school friend and his family and we went to a superstore. I looked up ways to make it happen for my acting and modeling career to live in Tokyo...

Today I take the bullet train, which travels over 300 km per hour past Mount Fuji to Kyoto. The old capital of Japan. O hi o Gazi mas!


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