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August 20th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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Sorry, I haven't written a blog for these photos, but I still wanted to post them. These were all taken during my month in Tokyo this last summer. Tokyo is a CRAZY city! There is one area that we went to called Harajuku (Gwen Stefani sings about the "Harajuku Girls") and that is where all these crazy outfits come from. Definite entertainment!

Sorry I am too lazy to write a blog about these, but so much time has passed that I probably couldn't remember the details anyways... so, read the picture captions... just this once.


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What's Your Blood Type?What's Your Blood Type?
What's Your Blood Type?

In Japan personalities are judged according to your blood type. My students couldn't believe it when I told them I didn't know my blood type.
Isono-san and I infront of the curved gable at the front of Kabuku-za Theatre, TokyoIsono-san and I infront of the curved gable at the front of Kabuku-za Theatre, Tokyo
Isono-san and I infront of the curved gable at the front of Kabuku-za Theatre, Tokyo

Kabuki-za Theatre is Tokyo's most famous theatre for Kabuki (traditional Japanese theatre with a men-only cast). Kabuki-za opened in 1889 and is one of the oldest surviving examples of the use of Western building materials and techniques in traditional Japanese styles. "Although Kabuki was founded by a woman, Izumo no Okuni, female actors were soon banned as immoral. All actors are now male, and female roles are played by highly skilled 'onnagata' (men skilled in acting as females)."
Senso-ji Temple, TokyoSenso-ji Temple, Tokyo
Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo

This temple is also known as Asakusa Kannon and is considered to be Tokyo's most sacred and spectacular temple. The main shrine houses the original Kannon image which dates back to 628! (Coming from Canada I can't help but be amazed at how ancient Asian history is!)
Asakusa Jinja at Senso-ji Temple, TokyoAsakusa Jinja at Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo
Asakusa Jinja at Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo

Built in 1649, Asakusa Jinja (Shrine) is dedicated to the men who found the Kannon statue in 628.
Casey and I Enjoying Shibuya's Night SceneCasey and I Enjoying Shibuya's Night Scene
Casey and I Enjoying Shibuya's Night Scene

On Friday, July 29th Casey came to visit me in Tokyo. This first night we were just taking it easy, but still ended up having a few drinks in Shibuya.
Harajuku BridgeHarajuku Bridge
Harajuku Bridge

This is the famous Harajuku bridge where everyone struts their Harajuku fashion every Sunday afternoon. Definitely a must-see when in Tokyo.
Harajuku Street PerformerHarajuku Street Performer
Harajuku Street Performer

This chic was without a doubt the worst singer I have ever heard. I'm not sure if she was singing here because she knew she was bad and therefore thought that the craziness of her lack of talent would fit in on the Harajuku bridge, or whether she had no idea that she sucked, either way... she was sooo awful I couldn't help but watch for a minute (but no longer)!
Harajuku StyleHarajuku Style
Harajuku Style

Casey and I with some very interestingly dressed Japanese!

15th October 2006

I think you are having way too much fun ! And if you need any ideas for Halloween – well there you go! But some of them actually look pretty all dressed up?
16th October 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words
25th October 2006


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