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March 27th 2010
Published: March 27th 2010
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To everyone that I have been writing emails to, I would love to respond individually and I will as to details of my day but if I do that, I won't want to write here and then things won't be centralized... which is the number one thing for Japanese people.

Huh... either I ate really unhealthily (just cooked beef and rice) or it's really close to my bedtime! 8:26 PM...

I got Teka and her roommate Katie, Patrick who invited Al Amanda and Will, and my roommate invited Leslie who got her roommate and Teka invited Elle and her roommate Yasmine. Ok, point is, half of IES was there today though we would split up but it was fun.

We met up to go to the Anime convention. The first gaijin moment was when we saw some people who were cos playing (dressed up as anime characters) and your not allowed to in this convention cuz the focus is on new artists and promoting such things.

commentary on Japanese society: I am walking in a large crowd, passing another large crowd that were standing still. And here is me wondering, how could these people watch me "cut" them and not even watch me with angry eyes. The end of my line stops about 20 meters away from them. Then 10 minutes later, their line starts to proceed in front of mine. THe line was three persons wide and there were three of these lines. Then as we entered the building, we had to go up the stairs and down this very very long hallway, only to end up on the other side, to down the stairs again and into the entrance.

If this was in America, I feel as though the line would not be divided into three... it would be one VERY LARGE CROWD. The people would be pissed, as someone would cut in front of someone else and pretend like they didn't notice. Sometimes the person who got cut would be like.. OH... that's all right... don't want to start anything. And then someone else would be like, I aint takin' that shit and then start yelling as everyone is pushing OR looking really grouchy.

No grouchy faces today.


Here's rule number two about Japanese people, they are hypocrites. So now i'm in the convention and it's crowded. So crowded you are not sure if there will be a next step. So... i keep feeling a nudge on my right side and i think that it's probably the crowd pushing. It comes in waves, so i think not much of it. Then, when i start to see the crowd clear up, i look to see and it's a lady using her elbow to push me rhythmically and laughing at the same time...

What's funny about Japanese hypocrisy (such as their terrible driving and bad manners which is evident from the constant honking) is that in my opinion, they take it in stride. Americans know they are hypocrites but refuse to admit it. They'd rather pretend that they are not hypocritical by sugar coating reality. No, the Japanese will break laws for the thrill of it and be strict the rest of the time. Like today, i witnessed someone jaywalking! first time since i've been here! and it was a cross a highway, tho i would've done it too (i did) since there were no cars.

Hm.. before i crash let me try to get some few details about my day down... japanese commentary aside.

After the anime fair, we bought food from the am and pm inside Big Sight and ate outside. Then left for Tokyo Tower which ended up being a visit to the the Zojouji temple.

too sleepy...

i have pictures, maybe ull get to see those.


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