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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano October 1st 2019

With Typhoon Faxai hitting Tokyo just prior to our return from Matsuyamo we were lucky that by the time we said our goodbyes to Sappi, Masako and Kento - after enjoying breakfast together at a café along the way - the trains were back on track. We said our thanks and farewells to Takaya before he headed off to work. Sincere thanks once again to Sappi, Takaya and Masako for the wonderful hospitality we were shown and for the great fun we had together. It was around 6pm by the time we arrived at Shinagowa station where we were met by Ross on what was a very steamy hot evening. From there we headed off to one of the many restaurants which are part of Shinagowa Station where Natsumi and Atsushi met us. Lots more to ... read more
The little temple we visited with Natsumi
Michelle ringing the bell at the temple
Natsumi rinsing her hands at purification fountain at the temple's entrance

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano September 20th 2019

Every time we head off to Japan we go with Jetstar as they offer some fantastic deals so this time was no different. Except we were offered the opportunity to update to Business Class from Cairns to Narita which we took up. Having, two weeks earlier arrived back home from Copenhagen via London and Singapore - which entailed about 24 hours on a plane - the thought of a Business Class flight, even though it was a journey of only just over seven hours, was too good to be true. Very enjoyable! Arriving at Narita - Tokyo's biggest Airport - around 7pm we were met by Ross and Natsumi and whisked off for the long walk to where a car Ross had hired from a company called Awayca awaited. Just like the Airbnb model, both users ... read more
Home at Nakano
Off on a shopping expedition
The boys at home!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano March 6th 2014

I With an assortment of flights under my belt now I felt it safe to say that there are a broad range of experiences to be had, naturally ranging from the good to the bad. Now considering the shape of recent events over the South China Sea I feel it unjust for me to say that my flight from London to Colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines was that of a bad one. If your flight manages to make it from A to B then you can be more or less asserted that your flight was actually a good flight. The only thing I have to question is why no matter what mode of transport I go on am I always stuck next to the old lady throwing up into a bag? Its almost a regular event ... read more
My Rig

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano July 19th 2013

Something about Japan makes me happy. We arrived tired, hungry and so thirsty (thanks AirAsia for making passengers pay for everything including water) but we were still happy. We landed too late to take the train to any reasonably priced accommodation so we slept in the airport, and still we were happy. Sleeping in airports isn't the best way to feel wide awake and ready for adventure in the morning, but something about Japan gets us excited enough to not care that we got a total of three hours of interrupted sleep. It’s not one specific aspect about Japan that makes us love it, it’s all of wrapped up in one neat, efficient, playful, kind and beautiful package. The instances that make me love Japan flooded back the moment we got off the plane. Japan takes ... read more
Drink Coca-Cola in Tokyo
Blooming lotus in Ueno Park
Always a great time at Tokyo Disney

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano July 12th 2012

Well I've left England! I had my last night with my best friends and boyfriend and had an emotional morning yesterday! Got to Heathrow in plenty of time, had an hour and a half to burn before I could even check in. Saying goodbyes wasn't nice, especially seeing my Mum so upset. Kept myself busy mooching about the shops and 12 hour flight later, here I am! Tokyo Narita, sat in terminal 2 waiting 5 hours til check in then another 4 until the flight leaves! When we came down from the clouds, the city wasn't what I thought it would be like, very green and the fields made a particular impression as they're so perfectly organised and divided, unlike our fields in England where they're all at angles. Not that I'm bothered about the shapes ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano July 9th 2012

I’ve had some amazing summers in my 27 years. I remember summer days on break from elementary school spent at home with my sister and the neighborhood kids riding our bikes through everyone’s yard, looking for the biggest hill or drop-off, searching for what we could label as the “splash mountain” of the neighborhood. There was the summer we realized the huge tree kitty-corner to our house had limbs strong enough for us to slide down them, bending and shooting us into someone’s backyard. We spent hours waiting for the Popsicle man, ran home when we were called to dinner only to find the front doorknob was too hot to handle from heating up in direct sunlight - turning it one rotation to get into the house was always a challenge I think I made my ... read more
Tokyo Disneyland with Bob's family
The hike on Mt. Takao begins
Snacks on the way to the top of Mt. Takao

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano June 23rd 2012

Once again we find ourselves wandering the streets of Tokyo and loving it more than the last time we were here, something we didn't think possible. Tokyo wasn't the plan at all but after numerous other trip itineraries failed, we opted to spend a month in Tokyo, and so far we're happy with that decision. We've moved into an apartment on the sixth floor of a building in Nakano – a 20 minute walk away from Shinjuku. Ironically it's three blocks away from the last apartment we lived in here in Tokyo about two years ago. We're familiar with the area, and we have a great time wandering around. I find Japan so different from the US and Thailand that even a day of touring 7-11s or 100 yen shops is entertaining. Our favorite thing to ... read more
Fish mouths
Our view of the Tokyo Skytree
Bad choice

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