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October 18th 2016
Published: October 25th 2016
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It has already been two weeks I am here in japan and my kendo fire started to burn me from inside 😊 so as I am in Japan to practice kendo as well, and I brought all my stuff with me, it was about time to start training in the home country of kendo. After gathering information about kendo clubs on the internet and some help from people who are living here, I decided to go training Tuesday evening in the Shudokan, which is basically the martial art hall of the Osaka castle. It is a really nice place, really big, with one part with tatami on the floor for judo or karate, and another part with wooden floor for kendo, iado and naginata.

The training starts normally at 6.30 pm so I left home early to be sure to be on time 😊 Once arrived, I met a Spanish guy who explained me the process for accessing the dojo. I had to fill a paper with my information, contacts and why I came (kendo). Then I had to bring it to the cashier and payed 300 yen to access the hall. It seems you have to fill the paper every-time, so I better remember how for next time :P

Once changed in the crowded changing room, I accessed the main hall where already a lot of people were gathering, chatting and warming up by themselves before the training. I found a spot for my stuff and followed what people were doing. I warmed up briefly and then the training started with a big "BONG" from the taiko (Japanese drum). Everyone lined up in front of the sensei and after the salutation, we were asked to put on our "men" directly. One sensei took over the training and made us do some exercises for about 15-20 min. As I didn't get what he was saying, I just looked around to know what was the exercise... it went pretty ok 😊 Then we had some few fight all turning together, and at one point I heard a noise (wooden stick clapped together). Suddenly, everyone run to the sensei... I got (too late) that is was time for free fights, so of course everyone run to be first with the 8 Dan sensei. Fortunately, there was at this training about 80 people and even if I didn't do with 8 Dan sensei, I got to practice with some strong 7 Dan and some strong young players as well. My first fight was against an old small guy who was really good (I guess he was 7 Dan), and he took a real pleasure to make me work a lot (10 min) non stop. As I was getting exhausted, he was pushing me even more. I liked it but I have to say that after this 10 min I had to take a 3-4 min break... While I was trying to catch up my breath, I saw him doing with other people and he was making them do exercise for about 1 min... so I realised I got a special treatment lol. At the end, I went to see him, and he told me that it was good and.... WELCOME TO OSAKA :D so that was his present for me hahaha. I got to practice with a lot of different people from different age and grade, and they all gave me compliments so I was really happy with my training. I gave my best and went home pretty tired, but so happy to have done kendo in Japan 😊

I have to say that the atmosphere there was quite impressive as it was so many people (around 80) and all very motivated to train. As well the place has an old touch and something traditional in it. It is just next to the castle so you get to see it by night when you get out of the training and that gives a feeling even more enjoyable... I felt like a samurai of the old time 😊

There is training there everyday and someone told me that Tuesday is the best day (most people), so I will be sure to go again next week. I will try another dojo on Friday which was recommended as well. Let's see how it will be... I am excited :P


25th October 2016

Nice! Again
Sweet Arthur. I'm glad you get to do some exercise. I'm happy to read your trip as well. Bisous bisous
28th October 2016

Hi Arthur, great you get a Samurai ! Enjoy your time and keep training :-) Have fun

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