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October 12th 2016
Published: October 12th 2016
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As yesterday was only the entrance ceremony, today was the real FIRST SCHOOL DAY!

It has been a really long time that I was not on the school benches, but I was so excited last night that I couldn't sleep :D I was thinking about how it is gonna be? too easy? too hard? Is the teacher gonna be nice? The other students?

As I didn't want to be late this morning and didn't want to run either, I left quite early in order to arrive 5 min before the class was supposed to begging. That was without counting on the massive queue at the lifts, which would have taken me a good 20 min... So I took my courage, and run the 8 floors to be on time... but sweating lol

Our teacher is a girl, Kinouchi-sensei. She is quite young I think (30+), and she was one of the girls who was here for the takoyaki party last Saturday. She is really cheerful and seems to enjoy teaching a lot which is great.

The course begun with us buying the book, and then we started the class. Not a single word is spoken in English, and worse... not a single word is written in normal alphabet... lol

The purpose is to put us directly into Japanese and learn the Kana (easy alphabet) really quickly.

The course was constituting of introducing ourselves in Japanese. Then some talking exercises by pair, and then repeating the exercises in front of the whole class. Kinouchi-sensei is really nice and makes an effort to speak slowly and with easy words so we can understand. As well, she is laughing at our silly mistakes which makes the class really lively and joyful. She seems to be really nice and I am really happy to have her as my teacher. After 3 hours of class, she gave us some homework (learning some of the Kana) and she said there will be a test tomorrow :P

After the class, we went with Fanny and Rebecca to eat lunch, and once finished, Bon-chan joined Fanny and me to go to the Osaka-Jo (Osaka castle).

It was a long walk until there but once we arrived, we discovered a really nice park which was surrounding the castle. The main building was emerging from the trees and I really felt like in old time Japan.

The castle area is HUGE, and we had a stroll all around. Bon-chan told us some stories about the castle and the king who built it. It seems he built a really strong castle because he had a lot of enemies and wanted to be safe. His nickname was "The Monkey" because he was small and moving really fast it seems (funny Japanese story). We didn't go inside the castle because everybody told me that except the view, which you can get anywhere else, there is not much to see in it as it is all renewed because of a fire and it doesn't look traditional or nice inside. As the weather was nice, we enjoyed the view form outside then 😊

In the castle area, I found the Kendo dojo that my friend Alex Bennet was talking to me about. I could find information about the training schedule and will be sure to go some times to train there as it seems really nice place to do Kend 😉

We walked all around the castle, and while some tennis and basketball students were running, we were just thinking if the water was deep enough to jump from the wall :D (life questions sometime)

Once the sun down, we walked home, and I then did my homework of learning my kanas.

Later, we ate with Bon-chan and Reina-san some Udon noodles that Bon-chan prepared... Oishii (so good).

Bon-chan wanted to learn some french, but we got stuck really quickly as she has difficulty to pronounce the word "je" ( I ) lol... but she is training and will get there soon :D

Time to go to bed now as tomorrow I have the test. Oyasumi nasai


21st October 2016

very interesting ....thanks MONIK

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