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May 1st 2008
Published: July 28th 2008
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They're at it againThey're at it againThey're at it again

The labor protest was way bigger than the anti-war one.
Okay, Okay I know it seemed like I didn’t really like this place from my first blog and truth be told I didn’t. However, every time I visit the city it grows on me a little more. It is kind of like that misfit abstract painting in your friend’s apartment that you slowly become found of.

Anyway, back at Osaka Castle and there is another protest next to it! This time it is some sort of labor union protest. All I could gather from it before wandering off was someone bellowing on a loud speaker about how national health care should be expanded to include more. At least this protest wasn’t hostile towards me.

This castle visit was a quick one. We didn’t go inside, just chilled on the grounds enjoying takoyaki and the scenery. After our leisurely snack we headed to the next stop, Kaiyukan- Osaka’s aquarium. One of the largest aquariums in the world it boasts a wide variety of wildlife from the Ring of Fire and Ring of Life areas of the Pacific Ocean. The shape of the building resembles an abstract butterfly covered in marine themed mosaics. Inside you start at the top and the
Hideyoshi Toyotomi Hideyoshi Toyotomi Hideyoshi Toyotomi

The lord and founder of Osaka Castle
corridors spiral down past the huge tanks containing various fish and mammals, yes mammals. The main attraction that everyone wants to see is the whale shark. Although the whale shark was interesting I liked the sloth, the otters and the huge ( I mean that this thing dwarfs me.) stingray better. This may have been the best aquarium I’ve ever been to.

Next to the aquarium there is a mall and a giant Ferris wheel. The Japanese seem to have a fetish for Ferris wheels. There is at least one in every big city. Of course I went up for a ride in the massive wheel and checked out the giant expanse of concrete that is Osaka. After we grabbed a quick meal in the mall and my friend grabbed some souvenirs from a ninja store before heading back to the beautiful sunny island of Shikoku.

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I want an otter for a pet, do you think they're friendly?
"Gambatte" means "go for it""Gambatte" means "go for it"
"Gambatte" means "go for it"

The crowd of people surrounding the sloth were very supportive. The poor creature dropped the first piece of food it got and they all started cheering "Gambatte" for him to get the next piece, which he did.
Penguins Penguins

I am always amazed how fast they are underwater.
View from the benchesView from the benches
View from the benches

They had a resting area that had classical music playing and comfortable benches you could sit on.
The Whale SharkThe Whale Shark
The Whale Shark

Ladies and Gentlemen, the star attraction of the Osaka Aquarium.
Dinner anyone?Dinner anyone?
Dinner anyone?

School of sardines. They just went around, around and around in circles.
Main courseMain course
Main course

Geez, I'm such a carnivore.
Finding NemoFinding Nemo
Finding Nemo

Clown fish are just too cute!
Ferris WheelFerris Wheel
Ferris Wheel

Feels like I'm at a carnival
Concrete as far as the eye can seeConcrete as far as the eye can see
Concrete as far as the eye can see

What else did you expect from one of the largest cities in the world? More green space? Yeah right. =P

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