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Asia » Japan » Nagano » Chubu Sangaku National Park April 25th 2011

Destination: Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 256km, approximately 160 miles) Map →  Date: September, 2010 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gosh! Another big earthquake hit this country last month. That was crazy, even though people are used to having frequent quakes here. On top of that, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima has got in a serious situation which is definitely not a frequent thing. Radioactivity is falling out and has scattered all over the nation. Japan is now under the umbrella of fatal radiation everywhere. Maybe people should run away from the contaminated Japanese soil as early as possible and as far as possible. Can you believe that?? If you want to believe, fine. You are totally safe. But if you don’t ... read more
Mt. Kurohime
Lake Nojiri
Lake Nojiri

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Chubu Sangaku National Park December 21st 2010

Destination: Kurumayama Plateau, Nagano Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 195km, approximately 122 miles) Map →   Date: August, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Most of us, I believe, want to keep dreaming of a good dream and don’t want to wake up halfway through to the end of a fantasy story. Maybe you wanna hire Leonardo DiCaprio to make your dream more enjoyable. But the power of nature just wakes you up every morning and your escape from the reality is over. The dream time of my wife and her friends was also over next morning after the brilliant stars were gone. But lucky enough for them, they were still able to put themselves in a dreamy world in Nagano. Kurumayama Plateau welcomed the ladies with t... read more
Breakfast @ Bonheur
@ Craft Village
@ Craft Village

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Chubu Sangaku National Park December 16th 2010

Destination: Kurumayama Plateau, Nagano Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 195km, approximately 122 miles) Map →   Date: August, 2007  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you usually see in your town, when you look up to the sky at night? Can you see stars shining like diamonds above your head? If so, that’s great. But in big cities, there is usually no starlight you can clearly see at night. Showy neon signs and street lights are much brighter than the stars are under the smoggy sky. No exception here in Tokyo. So you have to get out of town to let them catch your eyes and have such a romantic moment. And the three ladies knew what they had to do to make ... read more
Leson at the cafe
Text book of the stars at Mt. Kuruma.
The stars at Mt. Kuruma

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Chubu Sangaku National Park December 13th 2010

Destination: Kurumayama Plateau, Nagano Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 195km, approximately 122 miles) Map →   Date: August, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you know how hot it is in Japan in the summer? Maybe you don’t wanna know, because it’s CRAZY hot and muggy, too. You can go crazier than the weather is by the heat waves. Especially in big cities like Tokyo, it’s like hell because of the heat island effect and maybe more of the global warming. You feel the high temperature is attributed to something unnatural such as exhaust gas from vehicles. So you wannna get away? Of course you do. So does everybody. But do you have an idea of where to go to pursue the natural mild summer weather in Japan? Ask my wife. She knows how to cool herself... read more
Friends of her
@ an observation deck of Venus Line
Venus Line

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Chubu Sangaku National Park March 24th 2008

KARUIZAWA 十一月的初冬...... 2 hours Fast train to Karuizawa It's so cold out there....we arrived by 10am in the morning....wearing short sleeves...'s so cold....we then new friends from Hong Kong, told us how to get warm clothes and down...with exclusively special offer..... Thanks for that! We arrived the Outlet...with different famous X-gril, Beams, Agnes b, Nike, Adidas, ozoc, swatch , Levis, and G Shocks....etc..... Red LEAVES??? For the time being....we arrived to "CandyTuft". it's a pink house~!with lovely couples there... read more
Just Arrived with my friend ..

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