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Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 27th 2011

My last full day in Japan.... obviously my schedule for today was just as packed as the other days! I woke up around 6:30am (again, not something I planned but my body insisted on getting up early) and by 9am I had left my hotel and was already heading for Sendai station. Around 10am I arrived in Natori City, where a friend had kindly offered to let me spend the night. But by 11am I was already back on a train heading towards Shiogama. At noon, I met with an ALT friend of mine as well as some of my former students. None of my students have changed at all (in both looks and personality), and that made me happy. We spent about 2 hours chatting, while enjoying delicious ice cream, about what everyone was doing ... read more
Enjoying dinner!
Leaving Natori

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 26th 2011

We arrived at the school around 8:40. I was happy to see the school remained more or less the same as when I left it (only a few small cracks on the inside). At 8:45 I greeted the students and by 9:00 I was already teaching my first class! The grade 8 class is the biggest class in the school, with a total of 10 students. The TV crew decided they were going to film the entire class so knowing it would be a bit hard to focus, the teacher and I decided we would spend most of the time doing question and answers. For the most part, all the students and their families are well, but some of the students who used to live on the island now live in Shiogama because their houses were ... read more

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 26th 2011

Oh what a day today was! Today was the day I went to my beloved island school, so naturally I was bit excited. Actually...I was more excited than I thought because I woke up at 4am and was unable to fall back asleep. So I took my time getting ready and eating breakfast before catching the 6:30 train to Shiogama's Marine Gate. (Before I get into too much about my day, I just thought I'd let you know why this school is my "beloved." The school is grades 1-9 and has only 30-35 students total, so class sizes are very small. Combine that with a 40-minute ferry ride to school, and then back again, that gave me plenty of time to really get to know the students and teachers. The whole atmosphere was also more laid ... read more
Damage around the dock
The water is much closer to the building than it used to be....

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 25th 2011

Another early morning for me, but I'm already getting used to this routine! Today was the day I went to visit 2 of my junior high schools; First Jr. High and Tamagawa Jr. High. As soon as I walked into the staffroom I could tell this was going to be another busy day. All the teachers were busy so it was a bit hard to get my schedule from them. Essentially, they told me to talk to the English teachers and see if I could join their class! So by the time I was told this, first period had already started but I spoke to one of the assistant teachers (who I was very happy to see again!) and she said she'd ask the grade 7 English teacher for me. Since I had nothing to do ... read more
Shiogama Shrine
Cheering Practice
More Cheering Practice

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 24th 2011

Thanks to the Jet Lag, I am early to bed and early to rise this week. Honestly, I'm thankful. By 7:20 I had left the hotel and by 7:46 I was on the train to Shiogama! The first school I decided to visit was "First elementary school." A really great school (as they all are) with very genki students and equally genki teachers. While I was sitting in the Principal's office waiting for the Vice Principal/Head teacher (hereon referred to as "kyoto-sensei") I noticed my schedule for the morning. Oh boy. I was scheduled to visit every class in the school! (Grades 1-6, 2 classes per grade = 12 classes.) Usually I would be more enthusiastic about this but as I mentioned earlier, I was still Jet Lagged... I did gain a bit of energy though ... read more
Students and I
Another photo

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Shiogama August 23rd 2011

Hello everyone! As I said in my first post, I went to the MOFA at 10am. The meeting was very straightforward, and the people were extremely nice. (I won't bore you with all the details of the meeting.) After the meeting, I headed off to Tokyo station where I planned to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Sendai. To my surprise, the first shinkansen was fully booked to Sendai so I had to wait 30 minutes for the next one (which was alright because this gave time to get some lunch). The trip up to Sendai was smooth. Once in Sendai, I made my way to the hotel and checked in. From there I hurried to the station again to catch a train to Shiogama. But of course, with the luck I was having with transportation, ... read more
Good luck Japan!
Hon Shiogama Station

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