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July 19th 2009
Published: September 19th 2009
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After the bus drive we arrived in Kyoto and just from getting off the bus it seemed a lot more chillaxed and nicer then Tokyo. We went straight to the backpackers and crashed because we hadn't sleeped. And it was a nice place and much cleaner then the last place. The next day we just simply went around town and looked at all the different temples. One of them was amazing and huge, it was a castle I believe.

The next day I met up with Kido (I was an hour late) and we rode to the bamboo forests, well actually rode half way before getting the train. The forest was awesome and nice and cool to walk around in. Probably the highlight of my trip. We also attempted to go to another castle but it closes at 4:00pm so we were too late my 30 mins. After that we met up with my parents and had dinner and then me and Kido headed off to drink and we drank alot. After drinking out in Kyoto we went back to the hostel and drank with some backpackers. A few Californian's, Spanish and German's. It lasted till about 6am in the morning. Little did I know the next morning with my hang over at 8am me and the parents were off to the Golden Palace. So sleep deprived and hang over we co-ordinated public transport there and when we got there though it was worth the effort and time. It was a really cool place and looked amazing. Probably the best sight we had seen in Japan (man made). The next day we hitted up Nara and that place again was amazing. It was hot, but I enjoy the heat so it was no problem for me, but my parents on the other hand.... travel trip is to never travel with 60 year old parents when your 20! Nara was worth the visit and the deer there were cool.

Eventually it was time to go to Osaka. Osaka was a crap way to end the trip. It wasn't anywhere as nice as Kyoto or Nara but we did do day trips to the Hijiem castle which was again another fantastic thing to see. Osaka I think was just a bit more dirty and not as friendly as the rest of Japan. And it didn't help the fact that we were staying in the worst part of town which was formally controlled and influenced by the mafia.

All in all the trip was good, few ups and downs but a good 10 day holiday.
I wouldn't go back to Japan in a hurry. It was good but I think it is just too expensive for what it is worth and the hype around Japan is too much. I think I'd prefer China or even Australia anyday.


30th September 2009

hostel in Kyoto
Hi! I've been to Japan on some occasions, but i havent stayed in any of the hostels. Would you please inform me of the hostels were you stayed in Japan. Thanks a lot!
8th June 2010

Depends whereabouts in Japan you are going.

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