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July 8th 2012
Published: July 9th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well out for a meal and a drink. How hilarious we were arguing all the way and then found a market stall that cooked gyoza for us as we ordered so fab and so fresh unbelievable. Then we found another place walking over cockroaches this reminded me of Nepal but not quite as Nepal where I was staying was infested with them in my bedroom.

Anyway met 2 couples at a bar and what fun they were but unfortunately got back to our hotel and realised I had left my glasses behind. Without my reading glasses I am lost as cannot read a thing.

Anyway my hero on steroids (if you do not know what I am talking about here see the anti-histamine blog) went racing from the hotel and went back to the bar. Now to give you some perspective on this he had to catch a metro, run back and search the bar and then return to the station to catch the last metro back. On his return after not finding the them we decided to go to bed.

This is when the fun bit happened - early on in the night I had brought a little Japanese lady figure and guess what I had put my glasses in this bag. Mike noticed it immediately when we returned to the room. I could not stop laughing as I could just see Mike in his dogged determination running for the Metro, sprinting to the bar, searching the bar with the owner, emailing the people we met in the bar to see if they had seen the glasses, running back to catch the last metro, running back to the hotel - and my glasses were in our hotel room all the time.

Anyway we are off to Nara today and staying in a Ryokan tonight so will update you on what it is like later.


13th July 2012

U funnneeee
Having fun reading your daily blog You make little lady laugh out loud!! Great to read about your arguments and losing things!! Dont change !!! U missing rain here and nowt much else x xx

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