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July 14th 2010
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Saturday (7/11/10) and Sunday (7/12/10) was more days of work. We had to work a little more this time because there was not as much staff, We basically had a hour lunch break and a half hour break at some point, but otherwise we worked from 11 to 6. Nothing bad happened though which was good. There was a Christmas in July party on Saturday at the pool. It made it supper busy that day because everyone got in free. I guess that there was more people there that day then there was at the 4th of July. They had a tone of decorations all around the pool, free food, and they even had Santa and Mrs. Claus come! A big group of us went to Eclipse on Saturday night (and again it was free!!). Sunday was our quiet night and we just stayed in.
Monday (7/12/10) was another day of work. We started private lessons, and I got to teach a older women that is in the navy. She needed help with her freestyle so she would be able to pass a navy swim test. It was really nice to be able to work with a person that one wanted to be there, and had a goal. It was also nice to be able to talk to the person in real tearms and not have to wonder if they got it because if she didn’t she just told me. She was really not that bad at freestyle she just needed some training in Technique! After work we went to the galley for supper. As always it was amazing and just what I needed. We also had our weekly meeting on Monday. Along with our meeting which was at Purdy Gym we had our evaluations for the midterm. They were not as scary as I thought that it would be. They had nothing but good things to say.
Tuesday (7/13/10) was quite the same as Monday. I had a private lesson with a younger girl. We worked on level 1 things such as floats and front crawl. It was nice to just work with one girl on the material because you could give her all of your attention instead of trying to watch your class while trying to work with one of the kids. She was great to, she had a good attitude about everything and was willing to try everything that I asked of her. I loved it when she got something and you told her great job because her face would light up and she would want to do it again. I can’t even remember the last time that I felt that way about learning something in swimming, but I remember the feeling when I did get something that was trying to be taught to me and it felt great! I was really happy for her at the end of the lesson. If only more of my kids in lessons could be like her! That night we walked around blue street and went to a shop that had big bags of candy. I also got a new thing of nail polish. We also went to a couple different shop on our way back to base to waste some time.
Wednesday (7/14/10) was a really exciting day for the people on guard only (me included) because it was our last day working before we went to Hiroshima! It was kind of like a Friday for us since we had to work that Saturday and Sunday. It was also nice because it was our last day guarding the camp kids. Not that they are bad; it is just that there are so many kids all at one time and it is just stressful having to guard them. They also can get a bit crazy because there are so many of them. It is also the time were it is just three of us working so they out number us by quite a bit! Again though, it was the same kind of day. I got to talk to Lynn and the cousins during one of my breaks, which it seems is the only time that I do get to talk to them. It is kind of funny because it is around 11 p.m. their time and everyone is around in the lounge. It does not bother me though, I enjoy talking to them! Wednesday night was a short night. We had homework night, which I actually got to work on homework! I tried not to stay to long because of our early day the next day. When we got back to the room I needed to pack for Hiroshima. We tried to pack some food so we would not have to pay for all of it while we were there; we also had to pack as lightly as possible because we would be carrying it all day. Then it was off to be for a early start the next day.


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