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August 9th 2008
Published: November 1st 2010
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Can you believe it? It has been half a year since I started teaching overseas! August 9th marked 6 months since my arrival in Japan. Living in a foreign country has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, but mainly it has been an unforgettable and enlightening adventure for me. Experiencing a culture first hand, learning the daily routines and watching a single place change with the seasons and slowly become familiar to you is phenomenal. Living in, instead of just visiting, a country really gives you a feel for how and why things are done. Things that had previously baffled you start to make more and more sense, but at the same time you can always find something new that leaves you with that feeling of awe. Sometimes it gets lonely living so far away from those I love back home. Over time calling or writing doesn’t really fill that lingering loss of home.
I want to let everyone know how much I miss them and I promise to try to keep this blog updated in a more timely fashion in the future. Thanks everyone for tuning in and all the lovely comments that you guys leave me. I really appreciate it.

Love you guys,



5th November 2010

whats it like@
hi, i swa your entry and just wandered what it is like living in Japan, i live in wales,england and would like to 1 day move there. i am a psychitric nurse so i wandered what the mental health services are like and if there is a demand for psychi nurses?
26th November 2010

Hi Anthony!
Japan is a beautiful place to live and very pleasant(mainly because the Japanese are such friendly people.). I'm not sure about Psychitric nursing in Japan, but I'm sure there might be info somewhere on the net. Probably you'll need to speak Japanese though.

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