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November 26th 2005
Published: December 13th 2005
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Red Torii Red Torii Red Torii

Trying to be artistic
Oh the wonderful wonderful Autum days in Japan. Unlike California, Japan has 4 real seasons. I have been thoroughly enjoying all the beautiful leaves and nice crisp air. First I went up to Sandankyo Gorge to hike around and see the leaves. The last weekend in November I went to Miyajima, my second time there, to do a hike and enjoy the beautiful island. The koyo was amazing. It really looked like some of the trees were on because the colors were so beautiful. These photos do not do justice to the beauty on Miyajima. It was a relaxed weekend and I had fun trekking around solo. There were plenty of j-folk on the island to keep me company. When I was hiking up the mountain passing all the Japanese people they kept on saying to me "genki, genki." Which means healthy or energetic. In the afternoon there was a free traditional Japanese musical concert in one of the shrines. I walked in thinking 'this is soooo cool!" I sat there and listend to the music for a while, then I thought "This is really cool, but really really bad!" It honestly sounded like a ca t was dying. Apparently the
Attack of the Japanese TouristsAttack of the Japanese TouristsAttack of the Japanese Tourists

We mock them in America...there are even more of them in Japan! There were sooo many j-peeps coming to see the island. i couldn't blame them. It was a stunning
performers will really famous. I don't think I will be buying his CD any time soon :-). Sunday I went to Lisa's Kindergarten singing performance and then I went to see Harry Potter 4...which was incredible. I am a Harry Potter dork :-). As much fun as I had, the main thing on my mind was going home for my sister's wedding...that can be the next blog. For now, here are some photos of Miyajima. I wanted to take a photo in front of the Harry Potter sign, but then realized that was really pathetic :-).

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Red Torii and CaseyRed Torii and Casey
Red Torii and Casey

Gotta love the red torii. This time I was not going to wade out and touch it. waaayyyy too cold!
Japanese twinsJapanese twins
Japanese twins

who doesn't love this photo!
Wooden StatueWooden Statue
Wooden Statue

Okay so this is for my mom. For those of you who have been to my house you have seen the life size Chinese soldier in our driveway. I thought this guy could go right next to him.
Fire TreeFire Tree
Fire Tree

This tree looks like someone painted it...it was incredible

Doesn't a corn dock sound tasty?
Japanese ConcertJapanese Concert
Japanese Concert

This is by far my favorite photo of the day

Again, another of my favorite photos
Yachiyo Yochien PerformanceYachiyo Yochien Performance
Yachiyo Yochien Performance

By far the cutest thing ever.

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