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July 20th 2007
Published: July 20th 2007
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Change. And the sense of life, its routines, familiar faces and places, sounds that have become a part of me, as grains of sand slipping through an hourglass. Bare feet squeaking, clinging to the glass wall, brushing the last grains of sand from between my toes. Grains that once were frustrations, loud speaker mini vans running through town advertising noise pollution and rules whose senses evaded me, impossible sidewalks, I watch drop below me and I feel nostalgic. Good-bye tatami mats and green tea ice cream, the hypnotic buzz and whir of cicadas, the computer friendly voices that speak from parking boxes and hidden speakers, the happy jingles in the supermarket, the smell and taste of late night ramen or okonomiyaki after a round at the bars. Farewell tiled roofs, bamboo groves, hilltop temples, Shinto shrines, public baths and scenic hot springs. Good-bye toilet slippers, Obento lunch boxes, chopsticks for salads, corn on pizza, old women in Kimono, young school children in 1950s white and navy uniforms. Sayonara paper thin walls, karaoke boxes, punctual trains and punctual people, typhoons, thunder storms, bull frogs, carp splashing in the river.
My lessons, my students, my coworkers, my commute, my train ride, my friends. Good-bye. My belongings shipped to Canada, a foreign sound conjuring crisp green forests, where three boxes cost a fortune to bypass some of the world's strictest postal regulations. Boxes filled with books and newspapers clipping journals, wool sweaters, Dutch paintings, CDs, bits of me I will lose for a while. A second heap remains behind in a closet in Hiroshima, dress shirts folded snug and protected from the heat with moth ball pucks that remind me of those giant urinal hail stones. My odds and ends await further notice. Mean while I am streamlining.
A last night out, a last look back with Carinna, a last bullshit with Maria, tears and hugs and full of love and happiness that two delicious bottles of wine have uncorked. I am loved. Its the end of an era. I did Japan. We did Japan. A bright blue balloon released to pursue its destiny. One last embrace before I am let go. Take Care. Keep in Touch. Ki oh tsuketteh, hontoni. I am rising into the air. Beautiful balloon.

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25th July 2007

fareaway so close...
I'm a bit a sad, it's strange and wonderful to see this blog first thing in the morning today....i guess the next chapter is yet to be written...
25th July 2007

Corn on Pizza
My Brillant Boy Brother. You are like corn on pizza. Fun, a good idea but rarely encountered. I wish you well. Your writing brings tears to my eyes. I love you!
25th July 2007

What a great send off you had!
Loved the message about leaving Japan. I had forgotton so much of Japan but with your journal and photos I am reminded of the sights, sounds and smells of this country..thank you, Kevin.
26th July 2007

You are amazing Kevin! Best of luck to you and please keep in touch!
28th July 2007

Loved the blog and the photos. Looked like you had a brilliant time and reminded me of my own time in Japan. Best of luck with your future adventures!
30th July 2007

Heading home...
Kevin, reading your blog made me cry. That's exactly the way I felt when I left Japan. It's all so bitter sweet. Exciting to be moving on to the next chapter of life, but sad to say goodbye to this one. I'm feeling very nostalgic right now and missing Japan a little. We had some good times, didn't we? I miss you. Give me a call when you get back to Canada. Seattle is not so far away. I love you buddy.
18th August 2007

Moving on
I guess I missed this particular entry. Sent you a postcard to your Japanese address a couple days ago. But perhaps I can tell you about Whistler in person!! I'm sure you're moving on to all new and wonderful adventures.

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