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May 17th 2009
Published: August 27th 2010
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May 10th ~ Months ago some friends and I began this journey and we ended it today. We have officially biked across the inland sea between Shikoku and Honshu islands traversing 10 bridges and several small islands. We started the journey this time from Honshu. There were 5 of us going again, but only 3 were original members. We took the bus from Imabari to Onomichi, a small quaint castle town. We rented proper road bicycles at the station that were 100 times better than the granny bikes that were falling apart on our last journey.
Our group started out across a short strip of water by ferry to the first small island where we got immediately lost and had to be guided by a little old lady on a bike to the cycling trail (an interesting start to our voyage). The half of the trail we rode this time didn’t quite have the same natural beauty as the other half and seemed to be a less popular route. However, it was still pretty and loads of fun (Plus we still managed to find some salt ice cream again & a random dinosaur.). It also has less steep hills than the other side which was a blessing! We completed our journey at the exact same place we ended the last one. We made it full circle! ^_^ I’m glad I got to finish this journey before I left Shikoku. Big cities have more variety and better facilities, but Shikoku is peaceful, natural and almost a little lost in time; unique and individual. Nagoya will be a wonderful place to live, but a big city is a big city and won’t feel as Japanese as the countryside does.
May 17th ~ Simon is leaving Imabari. His contract finishes before mine so he is going to pack up and move to Nagoya about a month earlier than I will. So this weekend we went to Imabari Castle and saw some taiko drumming. They were really good. We stayed around and watched the sunset from the castle grounds. His good bye party was at the top of the Kokusai Hotel in Imabari, which is by far the tallest building in the city. It was an all you can drink, all you can eat affair. After the official party a few stuck around for a late night karaoke fest. It was an awesome goodbye to
Our random dinosaurOur random dinosaurOur random dinosaur

I'm trying to climb it and Alexa is checking to see what sex it is. =P

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