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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi March 10th 2017

Toyocho station, our neighbourhood train line, was the start of the southern leg of the trip. Dragging my backpack/ roller bag over manicured and paved streets was a noisy exercise, and P2 carting strongly by back, we had generous transition times for the Otemachi connection to hectic Tokyo station. The facially masked brigade swarmed past us by Mama-san bike, curious glances, or generally, fixated on their phones. In the throes of the underground rail road works, the rabbit warren gave way to organised chaos. We found our place on the shinkansen bound for Shin-Kobe and then eventually, the old town centre of Kurashiki. A weekday, the train filled up to the brim by Shinagawa, and as efficient timing has it here, we connected to leg number 2. Kurashiki put on breezy cool but fine weather, and ... read more
Kurashiki canals

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi February 8th 2016

First things first, breakfast. We headed to Little Mermaid, which is located next to the south exit of Hiroshima station. I had seen the Little Mermaid chain in different place s I have visited in Japan, but had never been in before. This place had a bigger seating area, than Hearth Brown, but the bakery section seemed more cramped. We went for four things again today. We each choose a sweet and a savoury item, as it had worked out well yesterday. We went for a small baguette filled with potato and bacon, think posh chip butty, which was nice as the bread was crunchy but not hard. We also had a bread cup kind of thing filled with chicken and broccoli, a jam and cream bun, and a layered pastry block filled with red bean. ... read more
Onomichi Station
Jikoji Temple
Jikoji Temple

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi April 7th 2014

Sakura Season, the Onomichi Trip, and the Return Home Well, I returned from Japan on Tuesday, April 1, and have been meaning to finish up the blog with one last post. It’s a bit late, but here it is now. Towards the end of my last week in Japan, the cherry blossoms came out, and so I was able to do some flower viewing. The pink ume blossoms had been out for a while, and they were beautiful, so I didn’t fully appreciate why people kept anticipating the cherry blossoms. When they came out, it was spectacular. Lining the Nikokawa (river) in Kure, a formerly bleak winter scene, rows of cherry blossoms exploded with life, and with the blossoms, people began returning from their winter hideaways. The river banks were lined with old men ... read more
View of Onomichi Straight
Temple Architecture
Town of History

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi March 21st 2014

The last full day of my vacation, I traveled out to Onomichi, which took 90 minutes by the local train, which was one of the most beautiful train rides I've had here. It was definitely taking us through the countryside, dotted with houses and farms and temples nestled against the backdrop of the hills and trees. Completely amazing, and I really enjoyed it. The purpose of going to Onomichi was to hit up Shimanami Kaido, which is a 70km bike trail that goes across six islands. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it the whole way, because I hadn't been on a bike in about fifteen years, but I wanted to see how far I could go, and to take in the oceanside views the route offered. When I arrived at Onomichi, I grabbed ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi November 10th 2013

日本語あり、文のread more をクリック後View Full Entryをクリック!I enter with a disability vocational technical school with the goal of return to society with this body. Then I thought I could independent life under the favorable situation because I become possible to work in front of PC. After that,I got a job becouse I found a compamy that suit conditions near my parent’s house. but I begins to work ,It was hard for my body than I thought. I wanted to quit my work many times. Work without rewarding. My life is only home and work. Livings depend on parents. Life without fun.  I have feeling inferiority complex to healthy people, even friends. I realize the real society is hard to live for a person with a disabilities. My horizons are open little by welfare service and support, but I feel ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi » Setoda March 11th 2013

日本語あり、文のread more をクリック後View Full Entryをクリック!I went Disabled person training school for 20months in Okayama befor . It was so good for my preparation time that the my heart and Physical strength for returning to work . then I begin part time work from the autumn 2012, and work from a parents' home in contry side of Hiroshima. my parents help a lot.I think to them that I am sometimes bad. Still I go to the Rehab once in one weeks for not going badI use mainly a wheelchair and a Reconstruction car for move. I can stand up and walk little. I use my left upper extremty for my life but easy to tired . my right upper extremity is not much move. so little by little . My old life and my friend are very ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi May 17th 2009

May 10th ~ Months ago some friends and I began this journey and we ended it today. We have officially biked across the inland sea between Shikoku and Honshu islands traversing 10 bridges and several small islands. We started the journey this time from Honshu. There were 5 of us going again, but only 3 were original members. We took the bus from Imabari to Onomichi, a small quaint castle town. We rented proper road bicycles at the station that were 100 times better than the granny bikes that were falling apart on our last journey. Our group started out across a short strip of water by ferry to the first small island where we got immediately lost and had to be guided by a little old lady on a bike to the cycling trail (an ... read more
Tha gangs all here
Our random dinosaur
Pretty View

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Onomichi August 9th 2005

I went to a place called Onomichi today which is on the southern coast of Honshu the main island in Japan. It took me a good hour and a quarter to get there by the local train again, but it was actually good to see the rural Japan that was in between Hiroshima and Onomichi. I haven't seen much of that. Onomichi is only a small town and doesn't have much infrastructure set up for tourists, there is a very helpful map you can get just outside the station but thats about it. The main reason its a good place to visit is because it has lots of beautiful scenery and also has lots of temples and shrines. The map that I got has a specific route to take where you can see all the temples ... read more
Onomichi view
Onomichi view

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