Day Ninety Three: Aloha!

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June 29th 2008
Published: July 2nd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Mahalo from Hawaii!

Well the Hawaiian Hotel Fukushima to be precise. It's a giant hawaiian themed hotel 2 hours from Tokyo with massive swimming pools, water park area, onsen and dinner included (yesssss!!) It's all been built indoors, and Sanae came up with the idea a few weeks ago back when I was dwelling on how to pass my time during the rainy season that never really materialised. So Sanae and I picked a date and packed up a Kahuna (Just Yumiko for this outing) and ventured off through the rain (It was actually raining for once, I was so happy) to the depths of Honolulu run entirely by Japanese.
The first day was spent running amok, pushing little kids out of the way on the slides to make full use of our one day waterpark pass, having hold your breath under water competitions and daring each other to do stupid things in the pool (I had to ask a pregnant lady in japanese how long till she was due, then pretend to understand her long involved answer about the trials and tribulations of pregnany). Oh yes, and I feel down the stairs wearing only my bikini. It was awful. The baka gaijin strikes again!

After that we went and got drunk in the hotel room (traditional japanese Ryokan, everything on the floor) then attired entirely in our brand new flowers and complimentary hotel mumus we went to dinner and watched a traditional hawaiian show all done by japanese people. It was great, it really was but I'm still quite confused at how so many japanese people (at least 30) can do all this traditional hawaiian stuff; the dancing, the poi, the fire eating and so on. Where in Japan do they learn it? Was it a hobby that lead them to Fukushima or did they get on the job training? They were just so, so good at it all it kind of blew my mind. Then after the show I went swimming in my underwear and we ran around taking photos of ourselves with the inflatables and doing inappropriate things to the statues. All up it was a very immature day, but so, so much fun.

The next day after a leisurely breakfast we spent our time before the trip home in the most beautiful japanese onsen I've ever seen and shopping. Oh and watching the midday hawaiian show which was pretty much the same as the night time hawaiian show - only the fire eating was so impressive.

Then back to Tokyo, weary, happy and feeling exactly as if we'd just been on holidays!!!

Reminded me of my Kahuna back in Sydney! hehehe


2nd July 2008

Ohhh babe it made me laugh so much -- your kahuna here misses you terribly!! hehehe.

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