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March 1st 2006
Published: March 1st 2006
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Well, i arrived safely in Japan, Narita. The flight was great, it was about 7 to 8 hours long, and when we touched down it was about 7pm and 5 degrees outside. Bloody cold !! Compared to hot and humid Cairns. Had a couple of meals, a couple of free alcolohic drinks - hmmm Champagne, a couple of movies, Walk the line and In Her Shoes.

My Cousin Troy who works in Tokyo as a teacher, met me at the Airport, after i was really confused and almost got lost !

I checked into the hotel, Narita Nikko Hotel and went up to the Bar on the top floor overlooking the Airport, it was really nice. We had a couple of beers and caught up.

Then we jumped on a shuttle bus, and headed into Narita City. Troy took me to a place, it was sort of like a Japanese Bar/Grill type thing which was really different. We ordered alot of different foods to eat like beans, chicken, cheeze pizza etc. We sat, chatted and ate while having a few beers and rums. It was terrific.

After that we left and caught a cab back to the Hotel. Troy just stayed with me because the last shuttle bus to where he lived was earlier that night. We also had to change rooms because my original one was small and only one bed was in it, but we finally got there, it was a little funny, being a little drunk and trying to understand the Japanese front desk workers. I'm glad Troy was there doing all the talking !!

Woke up this morning, Troy left and i went down and had some breaky which was really nice - just what the doctor ordered !!

One last thing, the toilets in this Hotel are really weird, it's like driving a car, buttons and lights everywhere !! This morning i flushed it for the first time unsure what to do, and it ended up spraying water actually up at me. It freaked the living Jesus out of me and i jumped up so fast i almost fell over and hurt myself. Hmmmmmmm..... I'll get used to it i'm sure..... Why can't it just be like Australia, one or two buttons up the top and thats it !! hahaha !!

I leave this arvie for Vancouver which i'm really looking forward to, so i might head in to Narita City to see the Temple or just lounge around the hotel, because knowing my luck i'll be late for the Airport and miss my flight and that would NNNOOOTTTT be good.

Until next time - Dave Hardy


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