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Asia » Japan » Chiba » Minamiboso March 28th 2014

The park I had found to make my nest in for the night was ideal, but again the climes were not. By 4am I couldn’t bare the cold anymore and was up and about looking for a fast food outlet to bide some more time until sunrise. Again like in Chichibu I found a 24 hour Sukiya, now obviously as it was open 24 hours it was currently closed. 7-Eleven of course wasn’t, so I treated myself to a mighty fine microwavable Ramen and dumplings. Convenience stores in Japan it must be said really do surpass themselves in the array of consumables they generally have on offer. Back in Blighty a ham sandwich and a packet of Monster Munch is the most I could generally hope for, yet here convenience is more of a big deal, ... read more
Boso Peninsula
Sea Torii Gate
Kamogawa Beach

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Minamiboso March 25th 2012

After a couple days of rain, the sun finally showed its face just in time for my man's day off. After a luxurious Sunday apartment breakfast, we set off for Chiba on the Boso Peninsula to score some Buddha action. We took the Tokyowan Ferry from Kurihama across Tokyo Bay to Kanaya Port and the Boso Peninsula where we stood on the upper deck swaying with the rolling swell, enjoying views of the majestic Fuji trying to hide behind the clouds. Near our departure point we diverted to a small street fair where we couldn't resist indulging in some grilled food-on-a-stick, skewered vegetables wrapped in bacon to be exact, after which we continued on a short walk to board the ropeway to Nihon Temple on Mt. Nokogiri. The short ride up the mountainside was packed with ... read more
view of the coastline from Nihon Temple in Chiba
the hundred shaku Kwan-non
some of the 1,500 Arhats

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Minamiboso November 19th 2010

Destination: Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 115km, approximately 72 miles) Map →  ( Date: August, 2007  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- After dinner, the owner of B&B told us there would be a firework festival in a neighbor town and would be able to see it from a beach nearby. Great! We didn’t expect there was a firework festival while we were staying. What a lucky night! So we walked down to the nearest beach. We had to kill some time till the firework festival kicked off. So we got a couple of bottles of local brewed beer, Awa Beer (, from a convenience store. Their ale type beer was so smooth and have such a pleasant flavor of hop. We sat down on the beach with the tasty beer in our hands. It was a grea... read more
road to the beach
on the beach
@ the sea food restaurant

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Minamiboso November 14th 2010

Destination: Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture (Distance from Tokyo: 115km, approximately 72 miles) Map →  Date: August, 2007  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The very first post of our story goes with our first trip to Tateyama of Chiba prefecture. We had this 2-day trip in the summer of 2007 (oh gosh, 3 years ago! Time flies so quickly!). Tateyama is located in the southern part of Chiba which is not so far away from the central area of Tokyo. But the area shows you a variety of faces Tokyo doesn’t have. Beautiful beaches, magnificent landscape, tasty food, friendly people ,etc. The atmosphere is so relaxed. You hardly imagine you are in a neighbor province just 2-3 hours away from one of the busiest cities in the world. “ Let’s get the hell out here... read more
Observation Deck of Umi Hotaru
Flower Road
Flower Road 2

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