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September 1st 2014
Published: September 17th 2014
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Itty Bitty BathroomItty Bitty BathroomItty Bitty Bathroom

The sink water nobs are also the shower nobs. Wrap your head around that.
After arriving in Nagoya, I was picked up by one of the program directors of the program I am in and me and several other students participating in the same program shipped off our main baggage to the University and had a lovely stroll to central Nagoya with all our luggage in toe. And you know what? If was freakin fantastic. -_-“ everywhere you go there is small spaces and many, many people, so you are always tripping someone with your bag or knocking someone over with your backpack, or getting your junk all up in some strangers business. We eventually made our way to the hotel we were going to be staying for the day before heading out to Inuyama for a special program orientation before the Universities orientation (P.S. there are lots of orientations, but you will still feel totally lost and without a clue of anything going on around you, so good luck). Any way as soon as I got to the hotel I immediately went charging straight for the bath like a dog to a nice disgusting mud puddle when BAM! I almost knocked myself on the sink because there is a step up into the bathroom
It's a TrapIt's a TrapIt's a Trap

This step was almost the death of me.
that my excited little brain couldn’t comprehend. The hotel bathroom was tiny, and I do mean tiny, there are closets bigger, much bigger depending on who you are, but I was still happy enough to see it and finally get clean again.

I wandered the city with a few program friends and we found a place to eat and some places to shop but the most important thing was that they had beds. And Internet.

Another note on the hotels, they give you everything! Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shampoo, conditioner and “body wash”, and not the tiny little bottles in the US but like real human sized bottles of stuff! There was even free slippers that you could take and a pair of pajamas that you could wear. So spoiled.

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Free StuffFree Stuff
Free Stuff

Free things are always well appreciated. Especially when you have been in a plan for 24 hours straight and couldn't bring a razor.
Adult-y SizesAdult-y Sizes
Adult-y Sizes

Can we discuss "Body Shampoo"?

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