A day we wished we could start again :(

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June 6th 2012
Published: June 25th 2012
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Trying out future travel at the Toyota factoryTrying out future travel at the Toyota factoryTrying out future travel at the Toyota factory

Reminded me of WALLE and the fatties that were the result of individual transporters replacing walking

A day we wished we could start again 😞

We're feeling emotionally exhausted after the stress of today. We set off for our Toyota factory tour only to discover when changing trains that George had left his JR Pass on the train. It was a horrible feeling as we had planned another 8 days using the railway passes. Unluckily, the two station workers spoke little English and it took a lot of gesturing and drawing to explain the problem. The guy really struggled with the orientation of where we had been sitting on the train when the pass was dropped. Eventually he aranged for the train to be checked and we dashed off to the Toyota factory hopeful that we might see the pass again.

The Toyota Factory was fascinating, we visited the welding workshop where 95%!w(MISSING)as being performed by robots, followed by the assembly line. At the assembly line, workers and machines worked togeter to fit parts to the body of the car. From the engine and windscreens to the seats, it was intriguing. There was an assortment of cars on the conveyor belt comprising 3 different models. Sadly, no photos were allowed, sorry!

The tour took our minds off the JR Pass and when we were greeted by smiles at the station our spirits were lifted only to discover they were pleased to have found a worker who spoke English! He explained to us that the Pass wasn't found and was 'sorry for any inconvenience'. It was gutting 😞 Back at Nagoya station we trekked around Lost & Found, the Police and the JR information desk but to no avail.

We gave in and took the train to Gifu just in time to catch the cormorant fishing display. Six wooden boats punted downriver with a lanterns ablaze at the front, illuminating a flock of cormorants on leads ducking in and out of the water, fishing. It was a beautiful sight and popular with the Japanese tourists who crowded into boats to watch. It calmed us down from the stress earlier today.

To worsen our delicate state, upon arriving back at our hotel I realised I had lost our hotel room key and we faced a £100 fine. Frantically, we retraced our steps around the supermarket and eventually realised it must have been on the bus we took back from the cormorant fishing. The hotel called the bus company but no key had been handed in. What a day, grrr to human error.


25th June 2012

Hopefully that will be the worst thing which happens! You've seen so many places now you must get them mixed up! You both looked well on the photo's. xxxxxxxxxx

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