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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi November 1st 2009

When I first arrived in Indonesia there were little signs on all the tables in Balinese restaurants that just said "L.A. Lights". I had no idea what they were advertising. It was about two weeks before I realized they were a type of cigarette. Every single male over the age of six months smokes in Indonesia, and there are cigarette advertisements everywhere, although interestingly all of them also have the health warnings in smaller print along the bottom. I find many of them very amusing (especially as few seem to have anything to do with smoking), so spent some time in Bukittinggi photographing the ones I saw during my walks.... read more
Clas mild
L.A. Lights
runner-up for most nonsensical slogan: Absolute

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi October 31st 2009

Why would anyone, just for the sake of seeing a flower, come off a nine hour bus trip and get straight onto another bus for a further 21 hours? That’s what I did. I don’t know if it can be considered intrepid, inspired, or just insane. The flower in question, of course, is the Amorphophallus titanus by Bukittinggi. When I last saw it on the 21st of October it was still a bud and it wouldn’t be in proper flower for about ten days, by which time I’d have left the country. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that to leave Indonesia without having seen such a profound rarity would be madness. MADNESS!!! You can plan a trip around orangutans or tapirs or Komodo dragons, but not around a flower that ... read more
scenic view along the railway tracks
tracks to nowhere
if they're waiting on the train, they'll be waiting a long time!

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi October 21st 2009

After I had finished my stint at Mt. Kerinci, I moved on via yet another horrible overnight bus experience to the town of Bukittinggi eight hours north. Bukittinggi is a popular place for tourists to visit and all the cheaper hotels seemed to be full, although it turned out that wasn’t due to tourists but to the recent earthquake having destroyed all the hotels in Padang so all the local travellers had to come here instead. I arrived at 6am and after finding a hotel with a room (the Hotel Asia, because I’m in Asia of course) and getting some sleep (!) I headed off to the local zoo. Quite frankly, this zoo is a place that I do not hesitate to call a disgraceful anachronism, a throw-back to 19th century menageries. I wasn’t expecting it ... read more
sun bear (Ursus malayanus)
Malayan tapirs (Tapirus indicus)
baby chital (Axis axis)

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi August 15th 2009

Vi befinder os i oejeblikket paa Sumatra, i en by der hedder Bukittinggi, hvor vi har vaeret siden i forgaars. Siden sidst har vi faaet taget vores advance open water og maa nu dykke ned til 30 meter. Det var rigtig fedt at tage certifikatet, men ogsaa en smule graenseoverskridende (isaer da vi skulle natdykke og hoppe i vandet, hvor det var baelgragende moerkt!!) Men da man foerst var kommet i, var det faktisk ikke saa slemt. Nu glaeder vi os til vi skal bruge det videre paa vores rejse. Efter Thailand havde vi et kort stop i Malaysias hovedstad Kuala Lumpur i et par dage, hvor vi fik vandret byen tynd. Vores vaerelse var igen ikke noget at skrive hjem om. Et rum uden vinduer, meget tynde vaegge (det var ligesom at bo i Norgesgade ... read more
Vukan i dis
Tanya planlaegger naeste skridt
Et OS billede

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi August 3rd 2009

27th/28th July A very emotional day leaving Manchester. We made it to Stansted about 10pm and hit the bar until check-in. We took off about 1.25 am, I was fairly appalled to discover that we weren't allowed to sleep - they started trollying curry around! Anyway, we got to sleep around 3am and slept for the majority of the 13 hour journey. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 9.30pm KL time and got a bus to our hotel. It was very nice and we chilled out and got to bed fairly early. At 5am I woke to the sound of what I thought was the air-con machine taking off, it turned out to be a monsoon! We were kept awake about an hour with VERY loud thunder and really heavy rain and huge sheets of lightening. ... read more
View from Bukittingi
Bukittingi main street 2
View from Bukittingi  2

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi February 9th 2009

You’ll have to excuse a slightly more subdued tone to this entry, but I seem to have come down with a dose of Bukittinggi-belly and am thus feeling slightly dodgy at the moment. Ron and a few others struck off before dawn this morning to climb a volcano, but as I’m having eruptions of volcanic proportions myself, I wisely decided to strategically place myself near the loo and do very little else… Anyway, after heading off from Tangkahan on a bus that had already seen better days during WWII, we rolled into Berstagi late in the afternoon, having deposited Tim on the side of the road as he was keen to head back to Bukit Lawang for another trek. Berastagi is the agricultural centre of Sumatra and thus they are fairly non-plussed by the pittance of ... read more
Climbing to the summit of Sibayak
The boys breathing in the sulphur
Cruising around Toba

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi June 12th 2008

Again, the piccies are unsorted, but we hope you enjoy! Should be another one in the next 48 hours too! The journey from Bukit Lawang involved going back into Medan, which we did with Calvin (who was following us to an ATM to collect the rest of our bill!) and Penny who was heading to Lake Toba another travellers favourite in Sumatra. We decided to skip Toba and go straight down to Bukit tinggi and Lake Maninjau. We were dropped off at a bus stop after sorting Calvin out and saying our goodbyes and then jumped on a local bus with Penny to take us to the bus station where we had tickets which had been reserved for us by Nora for the Bukit Tinggi bus. Or so we thought... When we arrived the the place ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi June 1st 2008

Saya Mau Sewa Sepeda Reports arrive of a washed out bridge along the Trans-Sumatran forcing a circuitous detour connecting Lake Toba to regions south. Kay who speaks for her partner on all matters, cringes at the though of a twenty-four hour busride. The Scotsman explains that he made the journey from Bukittingi in six hours, first by road to Padang, thence flying Air Asia to Medan where he caught a direct bus, but last minute bookings are implausible for the shoestring traveller. Kay will return to Wales in a few weeks time for her sister’s wedding and ought to have a proper tan. Patty and her will journey up the Central Highlands to Aceh and Pulau Weh, an island paradise for divers inundated each weekend with NGO staff. I opt for the overnight bus, what doesn’t ... read more
fish farms, Lake Maninjau

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi March 5th 2008

So im alive, that nice family let me leave with one of my kidneys. How sweet! Seriously tho, they let me sleep in a bed for a few hours, fed me breakfast lunch and diner, drove me and helped me book my ticket to bukittinggi, and the brother even waiting for 2 hours with me at the bus station. I offered money but they refused. Made me think, if i was in that situation, i would totally help out other travelers like that. I dont think the situation will arise much, especially if i stay in Calgayry. who wants to travel there anyways? "and here is a big restaurant that rotatets, heres a crane, and another crane, and a bunch of business men, and oh, an oil company skyscraper! If you get bored of that, we ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi March 3rd 2008

Bukittinggissa ihailimme kanjonimaisemia Taman Panoramassa ja kavimme myos japanilaisten kaivamissa toisen maailmansodan aikaisissa tunneleissa. Apinoita oli tietysti paikalla myos! Muu porukka vietti vuoristokaupungissa koko paivan ja iltapaivalla koulun jalkeen myos Lotta, Kasperi ja Ika tekivat tunnin bussimatkan Payakumbuhista Bukittinggiin ja liittyivat muiden seuraan.... read more
Going into the Panorama Park
Ngarai Sianok

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