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December 3rd 2005
Published: February 27th 2006
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Uprooted Tree, BBQ, UN CarUprooted Tree, BBQ, UN CarUprooted Tree, BBQ, UN Car

Kinda reminds me of the reason I'm here
My birthday (3rd of December for those who missed it!!!) was so legendary, that it warrants 2 blog entries.
During the day I received the welcome phone calls from friends and family. It was really special to hear from home.
Then I went to the beach with 4 local staff from work, 2 tunas ($11) and a BBQ. It was great to spend a day on the beach; I really love to swim in the sea. It was also cool to hang out with some Indonesian people, to remind me of where I was actually spending my birthday.
However going to the beach was also a reason of why I was here. The area is still devastated by the tsunami. Hills stripped bare up to the water mark of the wave, People living in tents. Look at some of the photos.
As horrific as it is, I am glad that I am here. I feel that for they first time in my life I am making a difference, or at least trying. As I turn 24 I really feel that I am where I want to be. The year ahead is exciting. Hopefully I will stay on after my 3 month
Marfikar ImpossibleMarfikar ImpossibleMarfikar Impossible

The fate of our computer network rests in the hands of this man!
volunteer contract runs out, I will be going to a course in Humanitarian Logistics in India in January, I’ve applied for a Conference in Volunteerism and Youth in the USA in February. And if the worst comes to the worst I’ll just chuck my backpack back on and travel the world!

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Lighting the BBQLighting the BBQ
Lighting the BBQ

With fuel from the car's fuel pump....SAFE!

Syafrin, Marfikar, Geon and Me

The sign says: "Mass Graves" Put things into perspective.

14th December 2005

It's a hard life...
Alright man? Greetings from Scotland....I can see how it's going, and it looks good. Missing the travelling lifestyle. Keep your chin up over the festive period, and have a safe trip over to India. Take it easy, Chris.
22nd December 2005

Waste of time
Why am I, of all people, wasting my time to post a comment here? That is a question of the ages that Im not sure will ever be answered. Maybe If I get around to reading 20 entries in your log the answer can be found there somewhere. The dude in this entry seemed to be enjoying his "cigarette" a bit too much to do the finger thing. Also I noticed your possum (sp?) friend didnt do it either. How did I find out aout your blog? I met someone who's having xmas with your mum. 'nuf said.
24th December 2005

So who are you mystery Isaac? The chin things is an equal mystery. Someday I may tell the story, but hopefully before then a much more interesting legend will develop about it's origin! I'll get a chin gallery up sometime in the new year!
3rd January 2006

After spending a couple of days with your parents at the O'Keefe's in Ohope - i thought I’d better check out your blog to see what all the fuss is about. For the record, you were the main topic of conversation and they both are pretty chuffed with your ‘save the world one step at a time’ exploits. I admire it also. They did mention that you write mostly about partying, again, I admire this. Partying in foreign countries cannot be beaten. Anyways – all the best for your travels mate – keep the blogs coming and I will be sure to check in…
4th January 2006

Hey, Great to hear from you Ra! Yeah a lot of the entries are about partying, partially because it is easier, and more fun, to write about the fun I've been having rather than the hard work I've had to be doing. Also because I have to watch what I post online about the work I am doing, and my opinions. On that note I actually took down my post about my birthday party, I don't think it was Sharia complient! However I will try and get some posts up about my work, etc in the next few weeks!

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