Photos from Sulawesi, Indonesia, Asia

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Kids playing in the water
sunset on Hoga island
Enjoying the sunrise
The front view of the villa
The view from the villa
My buddy performing her morning Ballet
Clown fish
Restaurant at Pulo Cinta
Our villa at Pulo Cinta
The view of the site
Got bumped by Shirley
Cool nudi, Lembeh
Huge shoal of really little fishes....
Pulau Tomia
Pulau Tomia
Kids from Tembamba
Pygmy Seahorse
evening on the beach
stunning sunset in Bolilanga
at one of the beaches
acting silly
Fort's wall
Labuanbajo, Flores
Tongkonan house, Sulawesi
Makassar, Sulawesi
Village near Rantepao, Sulawesi
Kususo village, Sulawesi
Kelimutu, Flores
Makassar container port, Sulawesi
Flotsum Pentai Bira East beach
Burial tombs, Sulawesi
Pantai Bira
Village, Toraja region, Sulawesi
Makassar, Sulawesi
Return from Rinca
Sulawesi girl
Rice drying, Tana Toraja region, Sulawesi
Gunung Kelimutu, Flores
Bajawa, Flores
Komodo dragon, Rinca
Labuanbajo, Flores
Return from Rinca
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