Photos from Sulawesi, Indonesia, Asia - page 4

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Photo 25
flamboyant cuttlefish
sleeping anemone fish
Photo 14
bobbit worm - so cooool!
mating nudibranchs
banggai cardinal fish
stargazer snake eel
Photo 4
Shaggy frogfish
close up scorpion fish
hairy squat lobster
common lion fish
bubble coral shrimp
Photo 23
Photo 18
long nosed hawk fish
cuttle fish
and another one
spider crab
twin sport lion fish
whip coral goby
Orangutang crab
school of fish
school of fish passing by
poping out
nudibranch 2
night diving
nemo in love with my camera
yammi !!
walking around bunaken island
coral garden
View from the cottage...sweet
Cha Cha Resort Bunaken
twin spot lion fish
Bunaken 4
more turtle
turtle time
Bunaken 3
mini cuttle fish
Bunaken 2
the big one is the charge of defending the family out!
manado 2
sponge crab
low tie at Cha Cha
Photo 21
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