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Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Banda Islands November 22nd 2006

Blogged already about getting down to the Banda Islands, Great place definitely worth the trouble. As luck would have it we arrived at the right time for the Kora Kora races of which more later. We arrived at Bandaneira with all the bustle of the ferry docking, horn echoing round the island street stalls set up selling food, every Ojek and Becak driver on the island waiting for a fare, porters running around all over loaded up to impossible levels. The cargo is on and off by hand no cranes here. Nothing like the hassles we had in Ambon people are polite and it all goes well. Folk trying to get you to look at there Guest house all very good natured no hassles, We had phoned ahead and booked Vita (misspell on the sign) on ... read more
Lama village beach
Hatta beach
Bandas local transport

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Banda Islands November 6th 2006

Journey to the Spice Islands - Spice Islands, Indonesia, Asia By: Dave Stocking We recently returned from a trip to the Banda Islands, previously the mysterious Spice Islands. The islands have both a European and a local history. They have long been a major point of conflict for their riches. Getting there is an adventure in itself. This is our trip with a few tips. We are in our mid to late 50s, don’t do hard travel, long bus journeys or speed boats (hard on the back). We don’t speak Bahsa Indonesian, but are trying to learn. We spend a little extra to smooth the trip out, try to avoid too much moving about, hire porters where possible. The journey was from Europe, with a stopover in Jakarta. Not caring for basic accommodation in cities. We ... read more
Ambon 2
Pelni ship
Gunung Api Bandas

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon November 6th 2006

PELNI FOR VIRGINS It was our first time on a Pelni boat, some folk do it often and choose whichever class they want, if that’s applies to you then no point in reading this, I write as a first timer. Finding out when the boat was in didn’t prove to be easy; Bahsa would help lots of course. But even fluent Bahsa speakers seemed to suffer a fair amount of confusion. As we only booked 2 days in advance we could only get economic tickets. (Many Caucasian travelers do use this). Anyway get your ticket and keep on enquiring when the boat comes in you will need to keep asking which day as well as the time it changes. We were told 1500hrs on Sunday then when we got up on Sunday mourning the Hotel reception ... read more
Pelni getting on

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Banda Islands October 4th 2006

Not all that much happens on the Banda Islands. The days of crazy foreigners falling over themselves to set foot on the islands - all for a little brown nut - are long gone. The Bandas are a forgotten backwater if ever there was one. Not surprisingly therefore, the docking of a ship as large as the Bukit Siguntang at a port as tiny as Neira Island's is an event. A big event. Arriving in the Banda Islands aboard a PELNI liner is quite a surreal experience. As the islands come closer into view, the ferry suddenly seems disproportionately large. Surely this place, in the back of the back of beyond, does not merit a detour ? Perhaps PELNI stops here purely out of courtesy, as if to send a message to this little specks of ... read more
Easy does it...
Nearly there...

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Banda Islands October 2nd 2006

Eyes still heavy with sleep, I extract myself from my little niche to have a look around. No sooner has my head risen above the edge of the parapet that a terrifically strong wind threatens to blow me off the ferry ! It must be about 6am, and our destination is in sight, dead ahead. A place I have dreamt of visiting for years - the Banda Islands. The Bandas are a small cluster of islands about 200 kilometres south east of Ambon, comprising six inhabited and four uninhabited islands spread out over 50 kilometres in the deep Banda Sea. Centrepiece of this miniature archipelago is Gunung Api - Mount Fire - an active volcano that rises suddenly out of the deep waters to tower 650 metres over its neighbours. Now, a bit of history. Tiny ... read more
Show of force
Fort Belgica
Fire !

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon September 30th 2006

“Fly is cheap”. That’s the confidence-inspiring slogan printed on the front of our Lion Air tickets. Still, here’s hoping the money they save on corporate image goes towards decent aircraft maintenance. Lion is one of a vast number of recent start-ups in the Indonesian regional airline business. With these airlines, whether your flight departs or not is a matter of luck. Whether your flight arrives or not is, I fervently hope, somewhat less dependent on luck. Having said that, Lion operate a useful direct flight from Surabaya to Ambon, our next destination. Ambon is merely a stopping point on our journey to our ultimate destination, a far-flung group of islands lost in the deep waters that separate Sulawesi and New Guinea. Tiny specks of land which, although practically unknown nowadays, were for hundreds of years some ... read more
Street scene

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