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Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon August 17th 2009

Om de laatste dag op bali, voor de reis naar ambon, goed af te sluiten, besloot ik eindelijk eens in te gaan op het gefluit en de verleidingsmanoeuvres van die tantes met baseball petjes op het strand van Tuban. Bedoeling natuurlijk om je een complete make-over te geven, oftewel, massage, manicure/pedicure, haren laten invlechten om vervolgens de stalletjes leeg te kopen. Like i nee dit…. Maar genieten was het wel ;-) De volgende dag heeft onze vakantie helaas een vervelende wending gekregen. Wegens omstandigheden (hiermee verwijs ik naar zijn ziekte) heeft Angy besloten om niet met ons mee te gaan naar Ambon. Die avond zaten Lena en ik dus alleen in het vliegtuig onderweg naar Jakarte om daar de tantes Vera en Jane en neefje Sebas in onze armen te sluiten en gezamenlijk door te vliegen ... read more
fam. Tehupuring
Bij Pintu Kota
met opa Otje

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku August 12th 2009

August 12th was for us an exciting day, because our plane from Makassar - Sulawesi would take us to Ambon, capital of Maluku Province. This is what we have been looking forward to for a long time. Ever since we planned this trip, we have been talking, dreaming and reading about this archipelago in the far east of Indonesia, with it's tiny remote islands, clear blue waters and perfect beaches. Now we got to see whether all these expectations are justified. The answer is a definite Yes! Ambon When we arrived in Ambon, we got a pickup by family of a former embassy colleague of Anna. Instantly you can feel a different atmosphere tourist wise. There are less or no "package" tourists at all, only a few backpackers you occasionally run in to. Ambon is a ... read more
Kei Islands - Pasir Panjang
Banda Islands - Deck view on Gunung Api during our boatride to Pulau Hatta
Ambon - Streetview

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku August 3rd 2009

Twelve hours, 4 airports, and one hectic takeoff later, I arrived back in Jakarta after a week in the field in Ternate, North Maluku - and by far, this was the one week that gave all the work I’ve done over the summer some perspective. After having my exposure to LEAD Project’s real work limited to highly administrative work, I had the chance to accompany some of the team to Ternate for a workshop on the project’s brand new Standard Operating Procedures. This new document, which has taken up a large part of my summer (and, I might add, is the first of its kind for the United Nations in Southeast Asia) took up four days of training all the North Malukan grant recipients - and provided me the chance to explore some of what LEAD’s ... read more
The grantee and LEAD crew
Glam shot at the Waterfront
The Sultan's Kraton (Palace)

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon August 1st 2009

test mail eerste paar dagen En dan weer andere..... Aangekomen op Bali En toe verder naar Ambon. Daarna weer retour Bali... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Banda Islands July 31st 2009

When my brother and I were younger, much younger, still in the care of our parents, we used to play card and board games quite a bit. My brother, though always quite good at said games, had a nasty problem while we played. He cheated. He was always looking at my cards. He had what he liked to refer to as.....creeping eyeball disease. It's a term I thought hilarious then and still find it rather amusing today. One terribly hot afternoon back in July I was sitting on my reclining plastic chair gazing out onto the calm Banda Sea when the term popped into my head. And rightfully so. You see, Indonesians, especially small town or small island teenagers and young adults (I'm talking males here, primarily) have this same disease. The only difference is ... read more
View from my Front Porch
View Up The Beach
Yacht in Bandaneira Harbor

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku July 12th 2009

Back in July 2009, during the 2 months I spent in Maluku (the island chain between Sulawesi and Papua in eastern Indonesia), I found myself on yet another Pelni that took me just about as far away from anything or anywhere I have ever been, or so it seemed. Pulau Kei (Kei is pronounced like the letter "K") is best known to the adventurous ones that make it that far for an area called Pasir Panjang, a 3 kilometer stretch of incredible powdery white sand. I likened walking along this beach to playing in a sandbox full of cake flour; it was that soft and silky. It was an amazing part of the world and a welcome heaven from my exhausting travels thus far, and well worth the agony of getting there. Unfortunately the "getting there" ... read more
Heavenly Beach
Sandy Toes
Storm on the Horizon

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku December 29th 2008

Kaksi viikkoa on edellisesta paivityksesta, ja paljon on ehtinyt sen jalkeen tapahtua. Kerron tassa paivityksessa vain ensimmaisesta viikosta Jaavan jalkeen, loput tarinat tulevat sitten myohemmin... Kolmen aika lyhyen lennon jalkeen paasimme Jaavalta Malukun saaristoon. Kayttamamme lentoyhtio on EU:n mustalla listalla kuten kaikki muutkin indonesialaiset lentoyhtiot, mutta natisti se (ainakin talla kerralla ;) ) lensi. Mielenkiintoista oli kuitenkin se, istuimien edessa olevissa taskuissa oli turvaohjeiden lisaksi valmiit rukoukset lennon onnistumisen ja lentohenkilokunnan puolesta viiden eri uskonnon harjoittajia varten; hinduille, muslimeille, buddhalaisille, katolilaisille ja protestanteille omansa. Luimme omamme, tietysti :) ja ehjina selvisimme perille. Lentokoneen ikkunasta oli hauska katsella meren pikkuisia saaria: valkoisine reunoineen ne nayttivat ihan pyoreilta pitsoilta.... read more
...Iron haki nuotiotarpeita...
...ja Julian paistoi. (Ja Laura seurasi.)
Saar ja Marsya

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon December 28th 2008

Noin kaksi viikkoa sitten maanantaina lennettiin Jaavalta Malukuun. Kaksi valilaskua ja jokseenkin seitseman tuntia siihen meni. Lentokokemuksena ihan miellyttava, vaikka Indonesialaisilla lentoyhtioilla onkin huonohko maine (taitavat kaikki kuulua EU:n mustalle listalle). Ruokaa ja juomia ei tarjoiltu koneissa (tiedoksi niille, jotka pitavat lentokoneruoista). Maluku koostuu useista vahan pienemmista saarista, ja me lennettiin aluksi Ambon nimiselle saarelle. Ehka muistattekin, etta meilla oli haaveena paasta jouluksi pienelle idylliselle rauhalliselle Banda-saarelle. Heti Ambonin lentokentalla syoksyttiin selvittaan lentoa Bandalle, koska huhujen mukaan viikottainen lento kulki maanantaisin. Kuultiin lennon peruuntuneen silta paivalta (virkailija ei ollut ilmaantunut paikalle?), ja saatiin puhelinnumero, josta tiedustella seuraavaa lentoa. Tiedustelujen tulos: seuraava lento seuraav... read more
Pahamaineinen lentokone...
Naiset pyykilla
Snorklauksen jalkeen

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku November 10th 2007

I write this because I know the issue often comes up when people are planning to go to Eastern Indonesia. I have just returned from a holiday in Maluku 3 weeks in November 06. While I do not have Bahsa we meet up with some knowledgeable people on the subject of the conflict. Dutch Mulukans, local English speakers Europeans trying to run businesses in the area, People who came there for Holidays every year and only missed one year during the conflict and extended conversations with a Dutch journalist, she spends much of her time in Muluku covering the area including being there during the conflict and in East Timor during the war, These are my opinions on the security situation, formed from observations and conversations. It goes without saying that you decide for yourself. The ... read more
Ambon marching

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku February 21st 2007

Maluku is a delightful group of islands in the eastern part of Indonesia. They straddle the equator directly right of Sulawesi. This part of the world is said to have been the spark that ignited European colonialism. Nutmeg, in the 16th century, was worth its weight in gold in Europe, but here it cost next to nothing. The Banda islands in the south of Maluku province had nutmeg in abundance, growing wild, and it was the only place in the world! The profit potential for trading the spice back home, soon resulted in a long spate of colonial struggles between the Dutch, the Portuguese and the Spanish. A final player arrived in the area last of all: Britain. The British, though, went one step further than their European rivals. They actually smuggled nutmeg 'seeds' out of ... read more
An Ambonese becak
A Five-Legs!
Teeth for sale!

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