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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram October 6th 2018

As I get ready to begin my 40th spin around the sun, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the good fortune that has surrounded my life for the most part. The last of 4 children between my parents, my journey was arguably the easiest of anyone in the family. No longer was mom washing ziplock bags for reuse or dad pinching supplies off the railroad, ha! I grew up in one of the nicer neighborhoods in my hometown surrounded by trees, friends and opportunity. My parents gave me every chance to succeed from supporting my football (soccer) aspirations through countless camps and even a tournament in Europe, to my needed move West to start afresh for my college years. Since then I have seen a few places, 51 countries and counting, worked in a few cool places, ... read more
Mind blown on top of Mt. Rinjani 2016
Peduli Anak tent area for the boys
1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in one class

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram August 17th 2015

Hello there! There's a pattern developing with the names of these blogs, isn't there? It's time for a recap of all that we've been up to in Indonesia, during the third month of our trip. As you may recall, last time I wrote I was in Kuta waiting for Sinéad to arrive. Arrive she did and after I'd collected her from the airport we headed to the south of Bali to a place called Bingin, where we enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation, whilst devising a plan for our time here (organised, I know). When the time came to leave Bingin we headed west across Bali, some sea and a chunk of Eastern Java before we were dropped off in a town called Probolinggo at 3am to wake up some hotel staff to ask ... read more
Come at me Bromo
Under the sea...
...under the sea

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram February 23rd 2013

Now i been in Indonesia for 3 weaks.Everyday have been totaly awsome. No stress just do what ever.So now its time to start this trip for real. I just bougt a bike and in two days i will start biking from Mataram to Florens. Its quite good roads throw Lombok so that will not be a problem. Sumbawa will be an big adveture. It will be fun to se how long time this will take me. Im supposed to meet 3 friends in Florens in about 7-9 days. Next uppdate i hope i can bring some pitcures from the begining of the trip. Love life ! Peace! Tjo Sverige! Idag fixade jag en ganska fet cykel i Mataram Huvudstaden i Lombok. Langade typ 600 svenska for en begagnad super cykel.Helt ok jag kenner mig lite som ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram July 6th 2012

After the fall of former president of Suharto in Indonesia, many fanatic radical groups such as Hizbut Tahrir, Mujahidin Council of Indonesia, Laskar Jihad, Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, Darul Islam, Jama'ah Islamyah and FPI now they can have their voices, political and religious activities. These groups whose leaders are Arab decendants and they want to create a wahabbism in Indonesia like in Middle East. Indonesia is so beautiful and why these thugs want to create mess in Indonesia. This article by Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, PhD... THE RISE OF ISLAMIC RELIGIO-POLITICAL MOVEMENT IN INDONESIA (Its background, present situation and future) Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi PhD Director of Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilization Jakarta A pa... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram May 24th 2012

I should post this story before my trip to Sibolga september 7th to 14th 2011 ago. Trans TV crew and I came to Lombok island in West Nusa Tenggara provence for filming a village in Central Lombok that is far from health facilities. We arrived in Mataram at 1 p.m. Fitri Faroziati (a Reporter) and I met Ari Diatmika (@infolombok twitter account administrator) and mr. Parhan, chief village Wajageseng at Kopang District for pre-interview about the condition of the village that we were going to go after this. It's so tired after two hours drive through the rice fields from Mataram to Central Lombok. Especially when we entering village Wajageseng. The roads looks like Swiss cheese with so many h... read more
white wine

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram March 30th 2011

Hello and good afternoon (or Selamat siang in Bahasi Indonesia)! Apologies for the slightly behind schedule nature of this, my second blog, but I've been waiting for the right place to write it from...the right place being somewhere where internet access is cheap. And so, finally, at 20p an hour, I can recount my adventures of the last ten days or so... Part 1 - Many Monkeys When I last communicated, I was in Kuta on Bali. I can't remember exactly how I described it - 'lively,' probably, though Magaluf for Australians would really be more accurate. I stayed just long enough to go out a couple of times before running for the hills; specifically, I went to Ubud, a small town further inland and the traditional arts and culture capital of Bali. I spent a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram April 13th 2009

"Say what??" you must be thinking about now? That subject line may make no sense whatsoever right now, but in actuality, it does; you will just have to read further in order to unravel the meaning. Today, the topic is about ladybugs, Spiderman and the turning of a knob 69 times. More specifically, the rooms in which I have stayed the past few weeks. I started off the Indonesian portion of my latest endeavor in Yogyakarta, a sizable city in Central Java, towards the southern part of the island. Yogya (don't pronounce those "Y"s think of them as "J"s instead; the city is often spelled Jogjakarta and sometimes the very ancient, Djogdjakarta) is best known for the 1200-year old temple, Borobudur, 42 KM from town, built from over two million blocks of stone and comprises nine ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram July 18th 2008

Today was a marvelous day. We decided to get off of our well tanned lazy behinds and actually do something besides bask in the glorious sun and go for the occasional swim/snorkel. Don't get me wrong, it is difficult to get rid of pristine tropical beaches on small islands that have no noise from cars or airplanes. However, the time had come to go off adventuring for the day. Awan, our guide and possibly a new friend had given us his very polite, low-key sales pitch several days ago and we decided to go with him. We began our journey by packing and moving out of the rice barn bungalow. We went to the "harbor", which is really just a beach where there is a break in the reef that surrounds the island. We waited for ... read more
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