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September 2nd 2012
Published: November 4th 2012
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Just a two-days trip to Gili Air.

I had one of the most impressive sunsets and one of the most beautiful moonrises ever on this island.

I enjoyed a nightdive and another two dives around the Gilis. But- and that's a big but- I was really shocked to see such a massive destruction caused by dynamite fishing done to the reefs there. They must have been spectacular and beautiful. But now - reduced to a wasteland. Yes, there were great spots I have seen, and thats where most of the pictures come from. But the impression of the ruins of a once beautiful reef overlays that.

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Mt. Gunung AgungMt. Gunung Agung
Mt. Gunung Agung

September 1, 2012 A huge wildfire on the volcano. Helicopters could not operate ther, so it had to be fought by pure manpower. Brave guys.
warning sign on Gili Airwarning sign on Gili Air
warning sign on Gili Air

be careful, (french) divers crossing
Lombok, Mt Rinjani in the backLombok, Mt Rinjani in the back
Lombok, Mt Rinjani in the back

Like a picture postcard
Lombok, Mt Rinjani Lombok, Mt Rinjani
Lombok, Mt Rinjani

seen from the north tip of Gili Air

September 2nd
Gunung Agung Gunung Agung
Gunung Agung

The volcano on Bali in the background, Gili Trawangan in the front
Moonrise over LombokMoonrise over Lombok
Moonrise over Lombok

on the right in the darkness is Mt. Rinjani

again a beautiful setting, WB: shade
Moonlight over LombokMoonlight over Lombok
Moonlight over Lombok

WB: automatic--colder light
Sunrise over LombokSunrise over Lombok
Sunrise over Lombok

on the right is Mt. Rinjani
beautiful beach scenerybeautiful beach scenery
beautiful beach scenery

again a picture postcard perfect image

4th November 2012
Gunung Agung

Beautiful pics...keep 'em coming
4th November 2012
moray eel

Keep 'em coming...I'll nominate this for Photo of the Week

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