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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Banten » Lebak March 27th 2020

Baduy village was on my "to go destinations" for a long time. It's an Indonesian version of the Amish people given the similarity of their concept of living: community based living, no modern technology and being self reliant. Located 120 km from Jakarta, there are a few Baduy villages in the area, consisting of Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and Baduy Luar (outer Baduy). The Baduy Dalam tribes are not allowed to wear footwear and only wear white color clothing, while their kin at Baduy Luar wear black clothing. All clothings were hand sewn. The Baduy Luar people are those who have left Baduy Dalam, and once left, they are not allowed to return. The Baduy Luar have the benefits of using technologies but remained strict in following other traditions. Up to a few years ago, Baduy ... read more
Cijahe village, Baduy Luar
A house at Baduy Luar

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Surabaya January 8th 2020

Surabaya is the second larger city of Indonesia. The city where I was born and spent half of my life which has changed enormously since I was last here. Everything changed so fast that I needed time to adjust. I didn't recognise my home or my neighbourhood. My home was located in a spacious area surrounded by only a few neighbours with loads of greens, but that turned into an extremely tight neighbourhood where houses are literally attached to each other and some have been separated by tiny alleyways in between. The home that Dad designed and built it himself did not look the same, everything has changed. However, despite all the changes, I am pleased that Surabaya city has become more and more advanced, especially the children education system. I don't visit much because every ... read more
Food again
Home where food ang giggles never run out
Chilling in the front yard

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Banyuwangi December 27th 2019

So our quick but so worthy stopover in Probolinggo was over and once again we took the train for our ongoing journey. We organized a grab to go the the train station. Have we mentioned in our blogs that travelling in South East Asia is now so easy with grab or gojek? No hassle with annoying taxi drivers, just use the app and have a cheap taxi drive in a decent car - reliable and fair. And what we exerienced, 99% of the drivers are super friendly and informative.Well, it also has its downsides, as the adventures times are a bit over. From Probolinggo it is a wonderful 5 hours train ride through amazing landscapes to Banyuwangi. We took the cheapest class on the train this time, ekonomi. It still is super comfortable. Unfortunately it was ... read more
Lulu and me with the "batik boss" - she was so sweet
us at the Jagir Falls
on the scooter around Banyuwangi

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru December 25th 2019

We left Yogyakarta at 9am by train. Getting train tickets in Indonesia is pretty straightforward once you know how the system works. Kereta Api, the indonesia railway, has a website where you can easily book the train you want. However, many international credit cards are not accepted there. So we booked the train tickets easily on You can chose between ekonomi class (lowest), bisnis class (middle), eksekutif (most expensive one) on normal trains. You pay the ticket by credit card and will be sent a confirmation. With the confirmation, just show up at the train station 1 hour before departure, scan the code on the confirmation at one of the machines and your final ticket will be printed. Easy, quick and really straightforward. We chose bisnis class for our trip from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo. And ... read more
Sea of Sands
the train that brought us from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo
whale sharks!

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta December 23rd 2019

We arrived with Air Asia early evening in Yogyakarta International Airport. Getting the free visa on arrival for 30 days (which can not be extended) was easy. No questions, no comments we did not even have to show our ticket of transport out of the country. We gave the customs our passports, without looking we got the stamps - that was it. It just started to pour down when we wanted to leave the airport. A real tropical thunderstorm. Problem with the storm: no WIFI which meant no grab car for us. But as we did not want to wait in the middle of really annoying taxi drivers we went through it and found a taxi driver with an ok price. Not as cheap as grab but still quite good. So we took the taxi and ... read more
Borobudur beauty
trying to survive the traffic on the scooter in Yogya - and we made it!
stunning Prambanan temple

Asia » Indonesia » Java September 30th 2019

Pari Island: 9-17-2019 Pari island, Thousand Island Hom nay toi thuc day som de den Marina truoc 7AM de di ra dao Pari ma toi muon di va toi da muon ve hom qua de den dao nay. Rat nhieu nguoi cho de len speed boat. Di mat khoang 2 tieng thi den noi. Den noi toi len bo va an tuong dau tien la dao nay ray hoang vu it nguoi o va dan lang o day lai cang chat phat hon. Co nhieu can nha ho lam phong de cho du khach o goi la Homestay. Toi di thang ra bai bien Virgin Beach va noi day rat tho mong. Dao Pari dep va yen lang vi dao co nhieu bai bien ma toi thich nhu o Maldives. Nuoc rat can, trong va khong ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java September 30th 2019

Bandung: 9-15-2019 Bandung, Indonesia. Hom nay toi se di den Bandung mot thanh pho cach Jakarta khoang 150km ve huong Nam. Toi muon di den day vi o day vi cach Bandung co ngon nui lua ten la Tangkuban Parahu ma lich su co rat nhieu tran phun luc lon Tangkuban Parahu: La vung nui lua cach Bantung 30km. Nui lua nay erupted nam: 1826, 1829, 1842, 1846, 1896, 1910, 1926, 1929, 1952, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1983, 2013, and 2019. Du khach co the leo len mieng nui lua crater de thay hot springs va boiling Mud va co the buy eggs luot . O day co Death Valley vi co hoi doc tu long dat, Lan nui lua phun gan day nhat la ngay 7-26-2019 cuong do 5.2. Gan day nhat nui lua ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta September 30th 2019

Jakarta: 9-13-2019 Jakarta Indinesia rong 1,904,569km2 lon gap 6 lan Vietnam voi so dan la 261 trieu gap 3 lan Vietnam nhu vay dan Indonesia song thua thot hon Vietnam va so dan dong 4th the gioi. 87% tong so dan so theo dao Hoi, 1.7% the dao Hindu va .7% theo dao Phat. La world largest island voi hon 17,000 dao. Nuoc nay co hon 700 ngon ngu va hon 300 dan toc thieu so. Indonesia bi Netherland chiem dong ngay 20-3 -1602. Co luc bi ANh va Phap chiem dong trong thoi gian ngan. Sau do bi Nhat xam lang ngay 9-3-1942 sau khi Nhat chiem Viet Nam. Den 17-8-1945 Indonesia duoc doc lap. 9-12-2019 Thousand islands: Thousand Islands chi rong 8.7 km2 va khoang 23,000 song tren 11 islands ma thoi va nam ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 3rd 2019

They say train is the way to travel on Java. The 8 hour train journey through Central Java and east to Probolinggo was bliss compared to the buses. It consistently moved, it was comfortable, we had aircon, even the toilet was usable. The best part of the journey though was looking out of the window across rice paddies to smoking volcanoes. Pretty incredible and so typically Indonesia. We were headed to Probolinggo as it’s the staging post for visiting Mount Bromo. One of Indonesia’s top natural attractions it is another iconic Indonesian sight that is often said to be one of the most magnificent landscapes you will ever set eyes on. Mount Bromo is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. With its top blown off, it is more crater than mountain but the smoke ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo July 2nd 2019

With sleep severely lacking Marie had to have a power nap before she could consider shipping out. Having splashed out on nice accommodation Emma decided to make the most of it and instead have a swim in the pool and gaze over the rice paddies. We’d decided to take the cheaper option of catching the bus back to the city. Our accommodation dropped us off for free at the bus station. It was deserted except for half a dozen people hanging around, however they assured us we were in the right place and a bus would be along in the next half hour. Sure enough it was, and we boarded with a handful of other passengers. After a 2 hour uneventful journey and we were in Yogyakarta (also known as Jogja). It is said that if ... read more

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