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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang March 11th 2021

Aha, I found the red threads connecting the article wrote earlier about Kochi and Lasem! It was the same Admiral Zheng He, who visited Kochi and arrived in Lasem in 1413! Located on the Northern Coastal of Java, Lasem is known as Little China and was one of the gateways to Java for the migrants coming from China in the 14-15th century to Indonesia. For a small town so near to the Capital City of Central Java, Lasem remains untouched and far from the typical hustle and bustle of Indonesian cities. No malls, no cinemas and not many coffee shops either. In fact, it was more like a little town stuck in a time-warp! The drive from Semarang took about 3 hours; we had to pass Demak, Kudus, Jepara and Rembang. Interestingly, Demak was famous for ... read more
Rumah Oei
grannies get together at Rumah Oei
Tjoe An Kiong Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang September 30th 2020

I had a long wish list, indeed, and Dieng Plateau was one of them. I and my friends decided to fly to Semarang from Jakarta and continued by road to Dieng. We arrived late in the evening at Semarang International Airport, where our driver picked us up and took us directly to Dieng. The drive took about four hours; reachingD Dieng at 2 am, I realised I had mistakenly left my camera bag at the airport! Thanks to the airport staff who have kept it safely and had it delivered the next day. We stayed at Lovebird homestay near Dieng and continued our journey the next day. First stop was the famous Sikidang volcano crater, of which molten lava was hot enough to boil eggs. Next destination was Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin, from which hill we ... read more
Atika whose hair started to curl and create natural dreadlock
View from Sikunir Hill
Behind the scene

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang July 3rd 2014

Semarang mempunyai banyak sekali tempat-tempat wisata yang bisa di kunjungi. Lokasi nya pun cukup dekat antara tempat wisata satu dan yang lainnya. Tak hanya wisata yang bernuansa alam, di Semarang banyak juga terdapat tempat-tempat wisata sejarah atau tempat-tempat peninggalan zaman penjajahan belanda. Salah satunya adala Kota Lama dan kali ini tujuan saya adalah ke Kota Lama Semarang. Dalam berwisata bisa di lakukan siang hari ataupun malam hari tergantung dari keinginan dan tujuan kita masing-masing. Seperti yang saya lakukan ini adalah berwisata malam mengunjungi salah satu daerah yang terdapat bangunan tua peninggalan belanda yakni Kota Lama atau Litle Netherland. Tujuan saya ke tempat ini bukan hanya untuk berwisata malam melihat-lihat bangunan-bangunan yang masih berdiri kokoh saja, tapi tu... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang January 10th 2013

Semarang January 10, 2013 My first day in Indonesia is almost over. I started the day still with fear and a sense of why the hell did I want to do this again. But by the end that feeling was gone. Yes, in stead of a shower you have to mandi, meaning, you stand in a big tub with cold water and you throw water over you with a big scoop. The house is tiny and is in the outskirts of Semarang as is the little company I work for (it is more sort of a warehouse). When I walked in this morning I was greeted by smiling Indonesian people all with bad teeth(no dentists or orthodontists here). But they are really friendly and go out of their way to make me feel welcome, taking me ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang July 21st 2012

Vandaag een excursie gemaakt naar de Gedung Songo tempels in de bergen buiten Salatiga. Vanmorgen had de Merapi vulkaan die hier ook ligt een kleine uitbarsting gehad. Gelukkig stond de wind de andere kant uit, dus we konden de excursie door laten gaan. Sjaak en Whistie (de eigenaren van het pension) hebben ons begeleid op deze excursie. De hindoistische tempels stammen uit de 8e eeuw en zijn op deze plek herbouwd geworden. Nog steeds zijn ze aan de renovatie bezig. Oorspronkelijk zijn het 9 tempels verspreid over diverse plekken op de bergen, maar er staan er nu nog 5. Het is een stevige klim de bergen in, die ook per paard mogelijk is. De kinderen zijn per paard gegaan. Zowel Tom als Lisa hebben los zonder begeleider met het paard gereden. De begeleider liep er achteraan. ... read more
Lisa op paard
bij mijn collega fietsenmaker

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang July 20th 2012

Vandaag een rustige dag gehad in Satatiga. Vanmorgen heerlijk gegeten. Er was versgebakken bruinbrood met hagelslag, jam, eitje en vers fruit. Heerlijk om weer eens een normale boteram te eten. We zijn daarna het stadje ingegaan om bij een hotel te gaan zwemmen. Daar een paar uurtjes geweest, lekker geluncht en daarna het stadje ingelopen. Deze stad ligt in midden-Java en hier is totaal geen toerisme, dus werden we overal echt bekeken. Wat leuk is dat je hier wel het echte javaanse leven ziet. 's-Avonds heerlijk gegeten en op tijd naar bed. Morgen gaan we een excursie maken naar een tempel, koffie en rubberplantage. (De foto's van het duiken etc worden er nog opgezet, maar het internet is hier ontzettend langzaam, waardoor foto's uploaden erg lastig is)... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang January 11th 2012

When my Aunt Sandy said she was coming to Semarang I thought to myself "Why Semarang?". It is one of the least likely top tourist destinations in Indonesia. Sure it is not far from the diving paradise of Karimunjawa or the cultural hub of Jogja (Yogyakarta) but Semarang is hardly a place blessed with ample tourist facilities. Most tourists, who are predominantly people from Central Java, visit the nearby mountains or the beaches not too far away. Its main heart appears to be industrial scale business located on the north coast but it is also blessed with a huge port. In fact, it is one of the few ports on the north coast of Indonesia that can accomodate cruise ships. This was apparently one of the main reasons my aunt's cruise decided to stop in Semarang, ... read more
Traffic in Jogja
Aunt Sandy in front of Losari Plantation
Masjid Agung in Demak

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang December 15th 2011

My Indonesian language teacher, Mbak Agnes, asked me last week where I felt most at home. Given that I have moved around so much in the past and recently, I answered,"On the seat of my scooter." And so it has been........ Horses used to mean freedom for the cowboy and later cars for the middle America. In Java, the scooter, or motorbike, usually of Japanese origins is in my opinion the undisputed leader of similar free-spiritedness. The horse like the car at present has always been more of a status symbol, although not totally without practicality for a growing middle class....if only Java's roads had room for them. Although there are many cars in Java, the majority of people cannot afford them. I am quite certain that if they could, nearly every Indonesian would own ... read more
Java's narrow roads
Wild Behomeths of Java's roads
Country mountain roads

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang November 22nd 2010

Day 16 Nov. 14 We went to mountains and to a beautiful coffee plantation. We then got ready for a real farewell party at Devi’s house, hosted by Devi and Bonita. Mary Anne said she would kill me or herself if I tried singing again. We printed off some songs for all the US Ambassadors to sing, but without rehearsal or music that effort was a disaster. It was a great party though and we expressed our feelings of friendship and gratitude, but we finally called it a night since we had to catch a 6:15 AM flight back to Bali. What wonderful hosts in Semarang. They were truly the highlight of our trip. ... read more
Beatiful Carving
Larry Sellers & Friend

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Semarang November 22nd 2010

Day 15 – Nov. 13 In the afternoon, we went to Devi’s house for a ritual for her daughter’s seventh month of pregnancy. It involved pouring quite a bit of water on the mother-to-be to ensure good luck for the baby. The batik group colored in their pictures, but the batiks could not be dyed because there was no sun to set the colors. The teacher finished them and returned them to the "artists" the following day. In the evening we went to the Wayang Orang Culture show, which was another depiction of the Ramayana story but this time with an interlude with clown characters that involved having several members of our group, including me, dancing on stage. The performance was traditional Javanese, but in the same building in other theaters, there were young people enjoying ... read more

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