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June 1st 2012
Published: June 2nd 2012
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View from the BusView from the BusView from the Bus

Little fuzzy due to the moving shot, but this is a typical scene of the countryside in Java accompanies my epic inter-city journeys.
The longest journey by road yet, continuing my battle with Indonesia's local inter-city buses. This time was a three-leg journey, first from Wonosobo to Purwokerto (3h), then to Banjar (3h) and finally to my destination Pangandaran (2h). Including waiting time during the transfers, total journey time was almost 9.5h! Glad to have survived it, and I'm sure it'll be good training for more to come in future...

Anyway, arrived at Pangandaran, supposedly one of Java's better beach resorts. This was low season so there weren't many tourists at all, apparently things heat up during New Year and after Ramadan, when locals flock here.

Stayed at Bamboo House, nice place with attached bath and wifi, IDR80k.

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Bus from Banjar to PangandaranBus from Banjar to Pangandaran
Bus from Banjar to Pangandaran

Standing room only and packed like sardines in the dark. No seat for me until much later...
Pangandaran BeachPangandaran Beach
Pangandaran Beach

Pretty much deserted due to it being low season! This was actually a "black sand" beach, the sand was definitely darker than Kuta in Bali, but the beach just as deep, and no crowd!
Taman NasionalTaman Nasional
Taman Nasional

Hanging out with the monyet-monyet and barking deer! Nice view too with the beach and ocean in the background.

Fish/ Prawn crackers -- mix, mould, steam, dry and fry!
Wayang GolekWayang Golek
Wayang Golek

It's Javanese wayang kulit (leather puppets) in Central Java, and Sundanese wayang golek (wooden puppets) in West Java. These go for IDR600k-1MM each, and each represent about two weeks labour for about 10-15 carvers/ painters.
Green CanyonGreen Canyon
Green Canyon

On the ride along the emerald-green river, with Kazuki-san, a Japanese I met. He didn't speak much English, but we talked about the bus ride from Banjar to Pangandaran, and he hand-signalled being squeezed and having to stand, and I totally understood! Photo taken by Weihong, Taiwanese Mandarin teacher based in Jakarta who was also in Pangandaran for the weekend.
Green CanyonGreen Canyon
Green Canyon

Towards the end, there was a 7m high rock ledge from which many people were jumping into the river, but I wondered if my travel insurance would cover that, and chickened out...
Bamboo BridgeBamboo Bridge
Bamboo Bridge

In picture is another Japanese I met, who'd also quit her job (as a pharmacist) and planned to travel for four months. By this time, she'd already been to Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore and now Indonesia...
Sea Turtle ConversancySea Turtle Conversancy
Sea Turtle Conversancy

They're doing good work here. This whopper weighed over 20kg, and would soon be ready for release back to the wild.

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