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March 7th 2013
Published: March 7th 2013
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Well it's been a long time since I last posted anything on this website and for good reasons. It's been a long since odd months since I last left the UK and during this time I've undergone a couple of massive changes. Firstly, I am no longer doing an MSc in Evolutionary Biology and I am now an English Teacher in Jakarta Indonesia. Pretty drastic huh?

Jakarta has been described to me as a city which is difficult to love and I can totally see why. It's a massive contridiction in terms of Muslim values and Western institutions, it just doesn't make sense. Yet despite the smog, high buildings, poverty and unpredictable weather, it is a place I can feel myself falling in love with.

The tree which grow almost everywhere help you forget that you're in the heart of one of the busiest, dirtiest and inpoverished cities in Asia, in some places it can be described as beautiful. Then there are the people. In Zambia, I would say the people are the happiest, Brazil has the most outgoing, Latvia has the most beautiful, well this country has the most friendly and helpful. They always smile and wave and want to help. Not just to the Bullays as they call us, but to each other. Jakarta is the biggest community i've possibly ever come across.

I can't wait to start my teaching and getting out and about having some adventures. My first I think shall be to Krakatoa, start big and stay there I reckon. So peace out all.

Can't stop me now - Freddie


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