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June 18th 2008
Published: July 29th 2008
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We landed in Java and then went straight down to Bogor where there some botanical gardens. We then headed up to a place called Bandung which was described somewhere as the Paris of Asia. What a load of old shit!

Nothing much happened in either place, so we are not going to write about them, but here are a few pics.

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Joe SmithJoe Smith
Joe Smith

He's Famous!
View from a hillView from a hill
View from a hill

Bogor was full of hills, with the houses along a river at teh bottom.
Can you spot the volcanoCan you spot the volcano
Can you spot the volcano

We decided to grab a beer in this little town and headed down to this place. Only after the 2nd beer did we spot the fuck off huge volcano in the background. Java was very hazy at teh best of times so seeing this was great!
Mon on a log..Mon on a log..
Mon on a log..

As apposed to doing one.
Targeted by local students!Targeted by local students!
Targeted by local students!

It was the school hoildays and the park was packed out with local kids. Some of them had been given assignments to do, like speak to a English person to improve their grammer etc. Anyway, after 10 interviews, 100 kids, all we wanted was to walk around the park without being followed and interviewed.. Here are some more kids that interviewed us. PS they ALL took turns asking questions.
More kids!More kids!
More kids!

I think the younger ones just wanted their photos taken with some white people!
Mon and JoeMon and Joe
Mon and Joe

We thought the park was going to be a peaceful experience, but there were cars and taxis all over teh place?
Nice shotNice shot
Nice shot

There was a littel over priced cafe right at the back were we had a beer.
The orchid houseThe orchid house
The orchid house

We managed to escape the kids and wonder into the orchid house. WOW! There must have been over 200 different varieties. Some had horns and were yellow, others where huge and white. Here are a few of them..
Huge white one..Huge white one..
Huge white one..

Obviously taken with Joe's bloody great camera.
Great shot.Great shot.
Great shot.

Mon took this one...
Mon through a tree!Mon through a tree!
Mon through a tree!

Joes arty shot...

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