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December 17th 2006
Published: December 17th 2006
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it's's muggy..i'm dripping in sweat. I need beer. I didn't find the terraced rice paddies in the lonely planet book, but I did find a few others, not as dramatic though. I'm going to go change my clothes into something temporarily dry, then go sit in a restaurant and sweat some more. Bintangs are calling my name...
did I mention it's hot, ...and muggy?....Ryan.


17th December 2006

Cold on ice
Crazy hard to believe about the cold! Tonight, Kyra Jack Grant and I went to the Festival of Lights at Vandusen Garden and the pond was freezing and we had to pull into heat lamps three times while we toured around! Beautiful display though and Kyra loved every moment. We met Santa and he looked great! I'll send you the photo we took ASAP. Kyra whispered that she loved him into his ear and I heard him say that he loved her too. Nice hey! There is still some belief in there :) Enjoy the cold beer and keep hydrated with water.
17th December 2006

That a boy
Sounds like quite the adventure. Keep the blogs happening 'cause it's fun to read about it. I see England has almost lost the 4th test match in the Ashes. Doh!
19th December 2006

hot and muggy??
hey buddy, been following your trip...i'm envious of your travels, reminds me of missed a crazy windstorm here the other week, worst in 2129 years...that's longer than Christ! Many trees fell and the power was out for a few days... glad to hear things are rockin for ya!

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