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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tabanan October 2nd 2015

Holy moly. Wat is Bali een paradijs. De reis er naar toe, ondanks dat het bijna 30 uur was, was goed te doen! Ik heb geprobeerd om een jetlag te voorkomen. Maar helaas, op de momenten (overdag) dat we niet mogen slapen, vallen we in slaap. (Gisteren daardoor bijna onze massage gemist. Oepsie! De dames zaten al een half uur op ons te wachten, toen we met onze slaperige hoofden het hutje binnen enterden) En s'nachts liggen we samen uren lang wakker. Gaan we vandaag anders doen. Geen dutjes meer overdag! En proberen terug in t ritme te komen! Omdat ik de eer kreeg om voor de eerste dagen een accomodatie te zoeken en te boeken, heb ik een paradijsje gevonden in een paradijs. Schouderklopje voor Joyce! We slapen in een eco lodge. Alles is hier ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tabanan April 17th 2014

I had mentioned in some previous posts that I was getting somewhat burnt out of travel. Not that I particularly wanted to return “home” (which I don't really have right now), but that the constant moving from place to place, seeing more sights, doing more surfing, diving, and other stimulating activities, was getting a bit tiresome. So I took Bali up on its reputation for being a spiritual place and looked around for some options. There are a few ashrams here. As far as I understand it, an ashram is a vague term describing people living together in a community whose purpose is to facilitate spiritual progression, often with the aid of a resident guru, whom people respect as wise and spiritually awakened. However, ever since my 10-day Goenka vipassana retreat in Hawaii, I've been itching ... read more
Kimono helps get into the right vibe
The first of several victims
Sample of the constant flow of delicious dishes

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tabanan March 21st 2013

Today's agenda was to be a fairly relaxing day as we drove up the hills towards Mt. Batukaru. Our beloved guide picked us up at 9:00 a.m. on the dot and off we went. I have been wanting to visit a silver shop to show Be how the artisans work and design. So Nyoman made a quick stop at Prapen Jewelry just outside of Ubud. Yes, it is a typical tourist spot but I did enjoy watching the creative part of jewelry making. It was very detailed and time consuming to make all the little silver balls and just watching them glue their designs together was fascinating. I kept thinking of my carpal tunnel issue and I know I'd be fired within the first week if I were given the chance to create jewelry! Ha! It ... read more
Me and the Stick Insect

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tabanan April 30th 2012

rafting in the day - for around 1 hour. the instructor new little english so when counting to give us rhythm to row he just went one, two, thugh. ugh. ugh. one, two... got very wet and had a rather aggressive back massage from a waterfall. but saw both ends of a rainbow. no pot o'gold though elephate night safari was lush - stars were clear and it was pitch black. all i could here was the forest. and then the elephate pooed. funny. thought it was coconuts falling but no the wahout (trainer) said he was taking a dump. over and over... massive buffet afterwards. had everything! stuffed face and then refused to pay for a drink and aked for the free water. hahahaha. snake skin fruit is in season.... read more

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