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May 12th 2022
Published: May 13th 2022
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Documentation of all certificatesDocumentation of all certificatesDocumentation of all certificates

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Well a whole week in Bali! Absolute bliss and we have survived! Lots of stories of phones and bag snatching going on but as always we are very vigilant. Let me start with the procedure to get out of Aus, if you are organised it is not difficult, we decided to go to the airport 2 days before travel, Sunday night and get our PCR test with histopath set up at each airport, very easy and quick got swabbed, said it may take 90minutes for result, ours back in 30 with stamped certificate, $79 each, then home to relax. If this is required ongoing I would suggest country people go to airport and stayover night before. Nothing worse than stressing re PCR especially if you have early morning flight. We had a very easy check in, we had all certificates, flight details, PCR results, vaccination certificates x4, accom bookings all in a sleeved folder for staff to easy flick through and check, we were congratulated by airport staff as to how organised we were, some people fumbling all over the place looking for all their information. Before we left Australia we downloaded the PeduliLindungi App for Indo govt and uploaded our
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Will not be allowed in without it
vaccinations etc which makes it easy at the Bali end. Great flight to Bali, from arriving to getting out of airport was about 30 minutes, VOA (visa on arrival) is 500,000 rupiah. Our first day on the 4th May, had a good walk and a look around Seminyak where we are staying, excitement plus sadness, so glad to be back but Bali will take a while to get back to normal. Today 4th May our friend Merv passed away here in Bali after leaving New Zealand and living in Bali for many many years, many of you will have known Merv as his partner Rudi managed our Bali Yarravillas, another end of an era. We think about 80 percent of shops and restaurants are closed at present, but saying that there are more and more opening every day. The Balinese are so happy to have us all coming back, so if you are considering coming over, book your tickets. Most of our fave restaurants are open, so no disappointments there, first night was back to our fave Italian, which was Italy Cafe now named La Vecchia Tana, the best pizza and pasta in Bali, met our long time friends Reg
Travel InsuranceTravel InsuranceTravel Insurance

Have to have over $US25,000 for COVID related hospitisations
and Adele so lovely to see them after two and a half years,had a great night catching up on everything. Also went to Basil Kitchen, another fave, with a business colleague Mikhail and his wife Susi and their little son Darren whom we met for the first time, such a beautiful family, who have bought their first home in Denpasar and their business is going well, graphic design and architecture, Mikhael is a very clever young man. During the week a big walk down to Legian and back to Seminyak, checking out what is gone, open or otherwise.... so many places gone.... but the ones that are open ar going quite well. Also had to chase up fabrics and a tailor for a few shirts to be made for our mate in the US, not as easy as before as so many places are still shut or gone! One of the highlights so far was a Dine and Wine night at a new restaurant near C151, where we owned a villa, called Casa Blanca, it was only $49 a head for 4 course meal and matched wines, it was SENSATIONAL... the wine was gorgeous all from the Puglia region of
Vaccination CertificatesVaccination CertificatesVaccination Certificates

Has to be International one from My Gov site
Italy, plus limoncello with our dessert, the food was exceptional, so look out for their special nights, they are so worthwhile... got to meet the owners, a Macedonian and a Balinese, both worked on cruise ships and fell in love and came back to Bali to realise their dream of owning a top class restaurant. Another highlight has been Madame Gou, a new restaurant 3/4 way to Canggu, we walked the 4klms there to check out what had changed, but definitely Canggu is really busy, the traffic was bad! It was worth the walk Madame Gou is a taste sensation, everything has a unique flavour but favouring the mouthwatering fragrances of Peranakan spices, it was soooo delicious! Cab home after that with a full belly and could not face that traffic again. You may notice in some photos our Kev stubby holder, memories of our dear friend who passed away in March and neighbour of 45 years to my lovely Dad who also passed away in April, they are travelling with us! Have been down to Bintang Supermarket, which went up in flames over 12 months ago, its looking good and such a huge improvement on the old one but
Main Jalan Raya Seminyak/LegianMain Jalan Raya Seminyak/LegianMain Jalan Raya Seminyak/Legian

Lots of empty shops for Lease
does not open til June after we come home, but they have a warehouse/shed down the back selling basic necessities. Bluebird is back on the road with all Hondas but we downloaded the GRAB app and they are much cheaper and you know what you are paying before they pick you up.... easy peasy!! Still have had lots of pool time and happy hours around all the different bars and restaurants.....been a great week and we are so happy to be back here.

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The Main RoadThe Main Road
The Main Road

It's more spot what is open
New Bintang SupermarketNew Bintang Supermarket
New Bintang Supermarket

Outside complete Opening June
Double Six StreetDouble Six Street
Double Six Street

1030am like a ghost town
Kamaniiya HotelKamaniiya Hotel
Kamaniiya Hotel

Our first two weeks here in JL Petitenget Street
Kamaniiya HotelKamaniiya Hotel
Kamaniiya Hotel

Welcome spot after a couple of hours walking
Kamaniiya HotelKamaniiya Hotel
Kamaniiya Hotel

Along the outside corridor
Basil KitchenBasil Kitchen
Basil Kitchen

Food is still very yummy at 5$ a meal
Basil KitchenBasil Kitchen
Basil Kitchen

Margaritas aren't bad either $5 a pop

Part of our lovely meal tuna tartare

Puglia Wine

Such a nice restaurant in the middle of Seminyak

Still some rice fields in amongst the villas
Pangkung Sari StreetPangkung Sari Street
Pangkung Sari Street

Abandoned coffee shop
Batubelig BeachBatubelig Beach
Batubelig Beach

Still small Warungs along the Beach
Casablanca RestaurantCasablanca Restaurant
Casablanca Restaurant

Choc fondant with limoncello icecream and shot

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