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4th August 2022

Love reading your blog makes me feel I’m there too. You are doing sooo much and so glad you are enjoying such a massive trip. Must catch up on your return to hear more about it. Love it.
4th August 2022

Glad U enjoying! We have been having a wow of a time! Keep you posted but water levels on Main River low, so don't know how many buses etc we will be getting yet???!!! Supposed to board boat next We'd 10th... Here in Amsterdam waiting love n hugs to you both xx see you after 22nd October
27th July 2022

The whole trip looks amazing Glor, have just caught up on all the photos. I think we might have to put Michigan on the list for our trip next year! Keep enjoying the weather. As Rhonda said, you're not missing anything here. Lee
4th August 2022

Hi Lee n Pete, Michigan was beautiful no doubt and it seems not a well travelled place by Aussies as a bit off the beaten track! Well worth a detour though. Talk soon Glor xx
25th July 2022

PS Glor
Hi again Glor, can you please send another invite to Graeme as he must have a different email since your last trip… he is missing out on your adventure!! Xxxxxx
25th July 2022

Hi Glorsy
Looks gorgeous, particularly the Mill. Can’t imagine how magnificent that bridge was!! You guys don’t look to to hot! We are having reports of extreme heat in London, maybe you got out of it quick enough. You are not missing any good weather here!! Lots of rain and cold winds have continued. Keep on keeping on with your fantastic trip! Xoxoxo
26th July 2022

English history is amazing isn't it? The aqueduct in Llangollen was something! No we are not hot .... off and on showers from Thurs to Sunday! Though we came down out of the hills yesterday and it's warmed up a bit down here near York. I have updated Grazey! Kaz said it's even cold up at Shellharbour... She is not loving it at present. Feels like we have been away months...having 4 nights here in Naburn in a cute little blacksmiths cottage, downgrading the pace for a couple of days 🤣😂 but everywhere is different and you want to see as much as you can. Love to you both xx
21st July 2022

How fantastic to have such beautiful friends!!!! Tim, Deb and their friends and family have been so wonderful. Detroit sounds just so interesting. Thanks for the great commentary Glor and the photos. Love to you both xxxxx
22nd July 2022

Hi Ron Forever grateful....had a fab time! Xx
18th July 2022

Missed your travel blogs so much
So great to have your travel blogs again Glorsy........and you have started back with a bang!!! So lovely of Tim & Deb to reduce your coach time and pick you guys up after missing the connection. And just fantastic for you to catch up with Suzy and Blake. Maybe it has taken a little while to get over the jet lag as it has been so long for you both to get back into flying, when you were doing it so so often. I am sure you are sorted now :) Loved your photos and never heard of MackKinac sounds amazing!! Keep enjoying and I look forward to your next blog. Love Rhonda xxxxx Oh....and PS I would hate to be working at Qantas Money Card
18th July 2022

Hi Ron and Grazey
Yes it's been an amazing time in Michigan ...not a state we would probably have gone to only for Tim and Deb, it's such a pretty place. Still haven't sorted about Q card for UK and Europe...lucky we have plenty on our credit cards! We are so lucky to have seen so much and also a few days living like a local in Novi at Tim and Deb's, they have lovely friends and family! Xx
30th May 2022

Wow….a month already
Hi Glorsy and John Loved following your month in Bali! You both so deservingly look really relaxed and having a wonderful time. Your photos were so colourful and inviting! We have Jimbo over at Bali with some of his ex-army friends and we have Lucas going in August. Let’s catch up….even if over the phone before your next trip. Great to see your wonderful relaxing time. Xxxxxxx
17th May 2022

Glad you made it back Glor - looks so quiet though :(
16th May 2022

Its superb!
OH! You did a great job. I loved your content.
25th February 2020

Loving the 75c beers Glor. Looks like you are having another fantastic trip - though the Hiltton (with 2 t's) did look a bit dodgy ;-) Will make an effort to catch up when you're home this time.
25th February 2020

That would be great! xx
25th February 2020

Hi guys
Sound very full on, very tasty, very cheap, really interesting, thought provoking and simply amazing. Can’t wait to catch up when you are back xxxxx
25th February 2020

All of the above just loving our time here! Hopeall is great with you guys xx
10th February 2020

Fabulous trip
Thanks John & Gloria for your wonderful informative email. We were planning on visiting Canberra this year and it has given us so many ideas of what to do & stay. Cannot wait. Catch up again soon.
10th February 2020

Hi Ernie and Ronnie, there is lots to do in Canberra, we usually go up every year at least once to visit the Aunties, galleries, museums, especially the war memorial it changes constantly...great place for a week even. Catch up soon xx
16th September 2019

Wow....lots of walking, pubs, beautiful Airbnb's and chips. Proud of Marky who is into the cod now!!!! love the tree mini minor and Birmingham looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you all and thank you for you great stories and photos. Also looking forward to seeing the new little purchase and we will ban the chips for a while at the club!! xxxxxxx
16th September 2019

Thanks Rhonda...nice to be home definitely banning chips for a while! Looking forward to seeing you too! xx
11th September 2019

Hi crew
Loving your stories about the boat trip......sounds like a learning curve but really fantastic!! As you said Glor.....not sure about doing it for 5 months though. And love your photo's of the Hop Festival...looks like a typically Westbury great time. Love to all. Cheers Rhonda
29th August 2019

Ho Glor and the boys
Wow Glor……….reading about the food at the restaurant was amazing enough!!!! But then to hear your story of being invited into the family French home was incredible...… fantastic for you all. I am sure we will get to meet them at your home one day!!! And great to hear how much fun you had in Paris showing Marky around. Love to you all xxxxxx
24th August 2019

Hi Glor & the boys
Wow Glor, so exciting to see Mary Moody’s place......I loved the Last Tango in Toulouse!!! So interesting reading the details of your travels!!! The countryside travel sounds magnificent. And the village of Bergerac looks stunning. Looking forward to you next leg......hi to the boys xxxxxx

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