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March 31st 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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So a good friend of mine, Miguel, asked if he could feature this little 'old blog of mine on his fantastic travel website called Bohemian Journeys. I was so honored I hardly knew what to write back, I'm still surprised anyone is reading this except my Mom. (Thanks Mom!)

So of course I said yes, if he's up for it so am I and he just sent the link today of the page that I'm on. I hope you all get a chance to check out the whole site, but especially my page on it. Very cool! Maybe I can get a job with National Geographic Traveler next! Ohh, or my dream job of hosting a travel show telling tourists where all the cool exotic places to go are. *Sigh* a girl can dream.

So please check it out! Thanks Miguel!



31st March 2008

WOW! Congratulations! I think it is quite an honor. I bookmarked Miguel's site so I can see my famous daughter's newest career opportunity. From vet doctor to healthcare software to Silicon valley to web production in the Big Apple, t
o Scuba diver, to travel documentaries...hmmm. Don't forget to get that Captain's license, then you can go anywhere you want and do it all! I am so proud (and a bit envious) of you. But hell, I can join you on some of your adventures and not just vicariously! Love you lots!!! Mom
31st March 2008

Re: WOW! I haven't forgotten about my Captain's licence, maybe I can start on that when I get back to San Francisco. And I hope you CAN come and join me somtime on this trip. I think you'd really enjoy Beijing or Japan too! India will
be a little more work, the culture is VERY differnt, but it'd be a fantastic thing to see the Taj Mahal with you!
1st April 2008

Congratulations Hi Darl, The Bohemian Journeys website looks great, I can't wait to see your link. Your blog is worth being famous, it is just great, always fun to see what you are up to! Love Sha

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