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December 6th 2006
Published: December 6th 2006
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I was reading about the 100km/hr winds in Ireland while at the same time trying to cope with the heat here in Bali 😊 and I was kinda happy sitting in the sun chair dripping in sweat rather than rain. So I ordered an ice cold beer for a euro and settled into my deck chair to watch a (free) movie on the big screen over the swimming pool in front of our nice hotel. I was kinda thinking I might get a massage before I headed to bed (about 2 euro) so I could sleep like a baby in our nice air-con room (e10)! Bali is quite nice but one thing really gets on your nerves after a while....and thats the numerous people thinking your are rich and that you would love to buy something they are selling for 4 times its really worth! We have already caved in to some people and bought a few things but afterwards we were annoyed again because we realised we paid too much - well more than the competition down the street anyways- but we got over it as it was still quite cheap. Our worst experience of it was at the airport when we were waiting to collect our bags. I went to the nearest ATM to get some money while Ulrika waiting for a bags to come out on to the conveyer belt. When I came back there were 2 "porters" holding our bags (which seemed cool) and they ushered us through customs. When we were through they dropped our bags and asked us for a tip!!! They only walked with the bags about 10 meters and I didnt expect them to brazingly ask for money. I said I didnt have any small change and they quickly replied "you can give us one of the fifties to share that you got from the ATM"...which is about 5 euro! The cheeeck! I quickly took the bags and left them standing. I feel though that this idea that all tourists are rolling in the cash is quite widespread in Kuta where we are right now. But besides that tho most of the rest of the Balinese are nice and the hotel staff are very helpfull and friendly.
Today we went on the most amazing ship wreck dive off the north eastern coast of Bali (Tulamben). Its an old US cargo ship sung in WWII which has an amazing reef now growing on it, teeming with life. The water was 31 degrees and only dropped a degree when we were down at 25 meters! We brought an under water camera and took loads of photos so we can show everyone what we saw when we get them developed.
Not sure what we will do next for the next 10 days but tomorrow is a big celebration for Ulrika. Its her 25th birthday (which is big in Sweden), so I think we are doing a day in some massage/spa resort and then we plan to eat at jimbarren bay where the local fisherman bring their catch of the day to local restaurant and the guests dine on the white sandy beach while the sun sets over the ocean. We are looking forward to it!


6th December 2006

happy birthday Ulrika!!!!!
6th December 2006

Bah! Humbug!
Bali sounds a terrible place!! Just to think of all that daylight and sunshine?YUCK! Us here on the other hand are living in darkness carressed by downpours and cold winds. I know what I would choose!!! Anyway this is to say Hello Paul and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY ULRIKA!:-)) I hope you have a lovely day. Regards, Emer
6th December 2006

Happy Birthday Ulrika
Sending you very many Birthday wishes from Ireland!! Enjoy your day and celebrate loads! Connie ;)

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