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November 16th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Today was another wonderful day in Pune!

We headed out this morning and did some shopping and visited Ranjit's school. It was so beautiful...trees everywhere, a pool and lots of open space for kids to play. Really was a special place and it was really neat to hear the memories Ranjit had of being in school, very sweet.

Since I know about three Hindi songs on the radio, it is always very special when I recognize something playing. We were in a small store in pune and suddently I realize I am singing along in my head to a song....but wait...it's in Hindi....how can I possibly know the words? It was...wait for it...Fergalicious by Fergie being sung in Hindi....I fell out laughing. I asked Ranjit if anyone even knows who Fergie is....he said no. Hahaha. I wonder if Fergie knows her song has been remade and if she has been paid any royalties!

One thing that strikes me as sooooo very wrong is the presence of McDonalds, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Subway. I would expect those things in Bombay for instance but Pune is like the Sausalito of India. It has everything you need right here, but is quaint and more charming than say the hustle and bustle of Bombay. Imagine seeing a McDonalds in between shops in china town for instance! Ranjit says they have a veggie burger at McDonalds...Mc Aloo Tikka something...haha. The food here is so amazing that the thought of Pizza Hut makes me want to cry. Its like ordering a hamburger at a exquisite steak house...you know?

Another funny thing was spotting Old Navy merchandise at a t shirt shop. Clearly it said OLD NAVY on the front of the t shirt, but the shop owners felt the need to black out the Old Navy tag in the neck....why? Even funnier to me is that I work for a patent and trademark office in SF and we file applications in India...but who cares about patents, trademarks, copyrights here? You can buy movies just released on the streets, get Old Navy shirts in a random store and hear Furgalicious in Hindi! I think we should be advising our clients not to bother filing ANYTHING in India! 😊

Today I spent some time in the kitchen making (Wada-Pau) Its basically a potato pancake dipped in chickpea batter and fried. We had them on the road coming back to Pune. When I asked Ranjit what they were, he said an Indian burger! Ranjit's mom's cook is a riot. We don't understand each other but she is a smart ass...she's always got a joke just under her smile and she is a favorite. Now that I have the technique down, I'll be making them at home...sounds like an excuse for an Owagram party!

Miss everyone at home and am looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family 😊



17th November 2010

Your trip
Sounds like you all are having fun. How's the language barrier coming along? Miss you two. Love M & D

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