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Jackie Ingram

Wanted to take all our friends to India with us and since that was just too expensive, am starting a blog and sharing our experience with you. Hope you enjoy!

Asia » India November 19th 2010

Being a crazy dog owner, I had to comment on pets and dogs in particular in India. Its a topic near and dear to my heart. In India, unlike America, there don't seem to be many breeds of dog. I recently posted a picture of coco on facebook and really, all dogs look almost exactly like him. Long nose, thin body and small to medium sized. You don't see the mixed breeds we have in the U.S. and almost no one know what a pit bull is! The wealthier families do have pure bred dogs such as sheppards, labs, pugs etc. People walking their dogs around the society but on the streets of every town we've been, there is also a huge stray dog population. You almost can't get out of the car without walking by ... read more

Asia » India November 17th 2010

So I decided while riding in the car today that there are some things in everyday life that are so different from the U.S. Shopping Shopping is an experience like no other here. First off, every shop owner will try and lure you in with the line, just come in and look, if you don't like, you don't have to buy. Then the hard sell starts! If you are traveling with a driver and/or a guide, they are all being paid to bring you into certain shops. Once in, you get a first hand view of how carpets or jewelery or handicrafts are made. The sales person will spend sooo much time telling you about quality and workmanship to peek your interest. Then you sit, they bring out item after item of their wares while offering ... read more

Asia » India November 16th 2010

Today was another wonderful day in Pune! We headed out this morning and did some shopping and visited Ranjit's school. It was so beautiful...trees everywhere, a pool and lots of open space for kids to play. Really was a special place and it was really neat to hear the memories Ranjit had of being in school, very sweet. Since I know about three Hindi songs on the radio, it is always very special when I recognize something playing. We were in a small store in pune and suddently I realize I am singing along in my head to a song....but wait...it's in Hindi....how can I possibly know the words? It was...wait for it...Fergalicious by Fergie being sung in Hindi....I fell out laughing. I asked Ranjit if anyone even knows who Fergie is....he said no. Hahaha. I ... read more

Asia » India November 16th 2010

I think the most overwhelming thing about India is the sheer numbers of people who live here. We are staying at Ranjit's mom's place which is very comfortable. She employs a driver and a cook and a cleaning lady and has a small beauty parlor in the back. It is a beautiful home. We visited Ranjit's relatives in Bombay and like San Francisco, space is hard to come by and is expensive. Small flats are very pricey and space is very limited. People are everywhere, living in all sorts of huts, tarped dwellings and brick shacks. As you drive from Bombay to Pune, there are people everywhere! When we drive the coast for instance, you can go miles without seeing a single soul. In India, you find people walking the roads, hanging out at toll plazas ... read more

Asia » India November 16th 2010

This is a repost of a previously posted blog, I got word that some people had trouble reading...enjoy! We left Jaipur for Bombay yesterday and it was possibly worse than our flight from Pune to Delhi. Security at the airport is kinda crazy. They scan all your checked bags in security and then you go through another screening for yourself and your carry ons. When you yourself go throught security, they split you in to men and women. Women head behind a screen and are frisked/metal detectored. It is the same at a lot of the monuments and hotels as well, after the Mumbai attack, security is tight. They tag your carry ons and ask for your boarding pass before and after you land. So you think with all of that that you'd not be able ... read more

Asia » India November 10th 2010

Greetings from Delhi! Yesterday was an amazing and wild ride. We started our day by going to temple and visiting a bird hospital which cares for sick birds, then on to the Red Fort which is enormous and extremely beautiful. We saw Qutab Minar, Humayon Tomb and went through a crazy ride via rickshaw through the back alleys of Old Delhi. I don't really know how we made it from point A to point B because the streets were crammed with people and shops and other rickshaws! We ended our day at the Lotus Temple which is a non denominational temple for worship. Such a peaceful place once you fight the thousands of people who are removing their shoes and getting in line to worship. Delhi itself is a harmony of old an new. So many ... read more

Asia » India November 9th 2010

Hello From Delhi! We left yesterday on Spice Jet Air for Delhi. The experience in the airport alone was worth writing about. Upon entering the airport, you go through a bunch of "security" bags get marked and stamped. We had trouble getting our carry ons on the plane because they were too heavy...so Ranjit removed his laptop and I removed my camera, then we went through security and put them back in...ugggh! Men go through one security screening and women because of the large skirts etc are scanned individually behind a curtain. The airport we left from (Pune airport) shares the airport with the military. So when the military is launching planes, all others have to wait behind. Our plane was of course delayed. Once we landed in Delhi we taxied for over 15 minutes to ... read more

Asia » India November 7th 2010

Good Morning from Pune. Yesterday was an amazing day. Started out visiting a friend of the family's her name is (Key-shore-ahh). She has one boy who is 14 and her husband. They invited us for a traditional Pune meal. I totally forgo the name but it is like this....you take a bowl and put lentils, then puffed rice (which is a big thing here but not like we have in the US) then you add crunchy stuff made of chickpeas (kind of looks like a party mix), then you add onions and tomatoes, potatoes and then this "gravy" which is super spicy. After the first bowl I was stuffed but Keyshora filled me up a second time. We didn't eat again til 10pm! We then visited Sai-Baba Temple which is out a bit from town. Lots ... read more

Asia » India November 6th 2010

Finally getting sleep and feeling normal :) Yesterday was a big day here...last day of Diwali. We woke up to the sound of firecrackers and went to bed to the same. Ranjit, Kumar (our driver) and I went out on the town yesterday. First we visited Aga Kahn Palace which is where Gandhi was imprisoned and where is ashes are kept. His wife died during that time. It is a museum now and artifacts from their stay are still there. Such a beautiful place to find yourself imprisoned. Here, if you are a foreigner, you are charged more to visit monuments. We laughed since as soon as they saw me, the cost of entrance went up...next time I wait in the car while Jeet buys tickets I guess! haha. Next we walked in a shopping district ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands November 5th 2010

Greetings from Pune India! We've been here one full day and what an adventure already. We flew from SFO to Dubai to Bombay. Dubai airport is like visiting a castle and Bombay airport is like visiting the 1970's...haha. In Bombay, the airport is hot and humid...no airconditioning or amenities...for an airport with so many people flying through, it was kinda crazy. Bombay is so dirty and people and dogs roam the streets freely...its so hard to see such poverty, it really has given me a new perspective on how much I really do have. We then hopped in a car to Pune which was another 3 hours away. Driving in India is not for the faint of heart. Although there are lines on the street that indicate lanes, no one uses them. A two lane highway ... read more

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