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December 29th 2006
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Ade on the bus at 6:45amAde on the bus at 6:45amAde on the bus at 6:45am

Sooooooooo cold.
This is what you do. Take a folding chair and put it in your refrigerator. Turn the dial up ...... so it gets really cold. Then sit in the chair and have a friend push the fridge down a long flight of stairs and repeat.........FOR FOURTEEN HOURS. This is what it felt like to be on our overnight bus-ride from Mcleodganj to Rishikesh.

When we bought the tickets in Mcleodganj, we were told we would be riding in a Deluxe-Bus with fully reclinable seats......this was a lie. The bus had no bathroom, no shocks, screeching breaks, and the seats only did a semi-recline....not such a big deal. The problem was the cold-air blowing in from the cracks in the windows. WE WERE FREEEEZING! At 5:30pm, I (michael) started off wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a fleece vest........I made it about 6hours (my jacket was buried in the back of the bus, under a pile of luggage, and I was trying to tuff it out). It was too cold to move..... too cold to sleep. At a rest-stop Ade retrieved my jacket and saved me from severe hypothermia. We arrived at the Durradun bus-terminal at 6:30am thinking we would catch a
The Happy CoupleThe Happy CoupleThe Happy Couple

Wow. This is so much fun. We love taking the overnight bus for 14hours.
heated taxi, 1hour to Rishikesh, our new destination. Of course...there wasn't a taxi to be found anywhere. A nice man on his way to Shinigar(sp?) helped us find the correct bus and we were off again...........another freeeeezing bus, but this one was local (like a school bus)....not deluxe.

At 8:00am we made it to Rishikesh and the amazing GANGES RIVER. We crossed over the walking bridge admiring the blue-water and spectacular views of Laksham Jhula.

This evening we walked to the SWARG ASHRAM and watched the nightly GANGA AARTI ceremony. There was great live music and a lots of beautiful singing. Following the lead of the others in attendance, Ade and I bought flowers and floated them down the Ganges, as a peaceful offering to the river.

We will explore here for a couple of days before heading back to Delhi.

All the best,

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Bridge over the river GANGES!Bridge over the river GANGES!
Bridge over the river GANGES!

You can see the wild monkeys chilling on the top of the wires.

29th December 2006

Broken Heart
The picture of Addy broke my heart. Bitter cold - no recourse - closer to part of the heart of India? The picture is in and of itself timeless........ Love you both. Remember your promise son. See you soon.
29th December 2006

Speaking of tears . . .
So, I have worked >100 hours in the last 7 days and now I get a short break, which I spent the last little bit of catching up on your blogs. First of all, Congratulations on your engagement! You two are amazing. It is so wonderful to get a glimpse into your psyche through these messages and pictures. It is obvious how much this trip has touched you both. I have always heard that "India changes you", by all of my friends who have visited it. And from reading your messages, I can tell how much growth and perspective you have gained through these travels. Sorry to be such a sap - I'll blame it on being on overworked and overtired, but I read your messages in reverse chronological order and have had tears welling up in my eyes with awe of your trip and envy of the growth from travel and excitement about your engagement, etc. You guys are awesome. Travel strong.
30th December 2006

Bus Travel? Take the high road & fly!
What a trip! Your photos and descriptions are incredible. Next time you want a (real) luxury coach trip to an Indian site, take the bus from Philly to Atlantic City’s “Taj Mahal”. Trump may even pitch in a few quarters as an incentive. I hope you’ve warmed up by now, and recovered enough to enjoy the rest of your trip. Can’t wait to see you in LA. Love you and miss you.

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