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March 21st 2019
Published: March 22nd 2019
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We took the night bus to Rishikesh from Delhi. It took about 10 hours, so we arrived there early in the morning. We went to a guesthouse and first slept for a few hours. The bus ride wasn't really comfi so we needed a bit more sleep. Once we woke up we went for a walk through the town. We crossed the bridge, sat on the stairs next to the Ganga river. There I called mama because it was her birthday. Meanwhile, behind me a monkey was eating a papaya and in front of me there was a calf begging food to other people on the stairs. It was pretty funny.
After I finished calling her, we walked through a street on the other side. We got sugarcane juice, which is really delicious. It's super refreshing and tasty. We sat down on a bench to drink it and suddenly a scary looking bull walked towards us. I haven't been afraid of any of the cows, bulls or calfs, but this one looked scary. I pulled up my legs when it passed. Then he stopped, not far away from us and turned around and blowed his nose. Rohit and the women that sold us the sugarcane juice laughed because of my reaction and tried to scare it away. It stayed where it was though, so we had to pass it. It turned his head when we did, so I started walking really quickly. Rohit was laughing, but I was just happy it didn't come after us. They are big, heavy and strong animals with big horns! We passed some monkeys too and Rohit told me not to look into their eyes because this sort was very aggressive. He said the other monkeys we had seen everywhere else were even scared of them. I don't know if he was kidding me after this bull incident, but to be sure I didn't look.
We passed the other bridge and walked back to the guesthouse on the other side of the Ganga river.

The next day we walked to the Neer Garh waterfalls. It was a very long walk and all the way up into the mountains. It was very nice! There were different levels and at every one you could have a dip in the water and eat Maggi (noodles). The first one was very busy so we walked to the next one, where you couldn't really swim, just put your feet in the water. We kept walking up and the next one was even more busy then the first one. Someone told Rohit there was another one, so we kept walking. There was a sign towards a campsite, so we thought it would be there. At one point the path didn't go further, but there was a small channel, so I said we should follow that, since the water was coming from there. Eventually we ended up on the campsite. It was very quiet and it had an amazing view. We talked for a bit with the owner, who told us that it was a stop that was mainly used by trekkers who visit a temple further up in the mountain. That would've been amazing thing to do but we didn't have the time for it, nor did we bring anything extra. After a while we walked back down and had some Maggi before descending all the way back down.

The next day we took the bus back to Delhi. We were lucky, because the bus was almost empty, so the bus driver told us we could use the beds as well, free of charge. I slept a little bit, but actually moved back to a seat soon. Lying down wasn't comfortable at all. The bus driver drove like crazy and didn't slow down his speed for bumps in the road. Anyone who watched Harry Potter: I felt like I was inside the Knight bus!

Back in Delhi I went straight to the airport to take the plane to Bangkok.

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